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Animal Control
What if I lose my dog?

Call us with a description of the dog, its name, gender, last known location, leave us your name and contact number.  Should you dog be picked up or brought in to our shelter, we will ensure the prompt and safe return of your dog.

What if I find a stray dog?

Bring the dog to our facility or call us and the Animal Control Officer will pick up the dog and bring it to our shelter.  If the dog is displaying a valid licence or personal identification, staff will contact the owner immediately.  Impounded dogs are held for 72 hours before becoming eligible for adoption. 

How do I apply?, Where? Do I have to come in, in person? Can I download the form and mail it?

To make arrangements for an interment, please contact the Development Services Clerk at 37955 Second Avenue or phone (604) 815-5012.  There is some paperwork to process, which is initiated upon speaking to the Clerk.   Arrangements can be made over the phone or in person.  Prior to any interment a Cemetery Licence must be completed.  The Cemetery Licence provides the District with your relationship to the deceased, including contact information and authorizes the District to inter your loved one.  

Service Agreements
Does the drafting of a service agreement involve the applicant coming into Engineering or a meeting at all, like a pre-application meeting?

The applicant will have met with Staff, Engineering and Planning throughout the Development process, an individual meeting may be required between the applicant and engineering if the civil drawings are lacking sufficient detail, or the applicant is disputing any of the requirements listed on the required design of the off-site services.  

How long does a service agreement take to process?

The average estimated time for a service agreement is 4-6 weeks, depending on the complexity of the proposal and received deliverables by the applicant this may occur sooner.

Is there a document that is required by the applicant to complete once a service agreement has been triggered?

There are a few documents required: those are listed in the servicing agreement:  appendices: A, B, C, D and E if applicable.