Invest & Grow

Squamish is one of the fastest growing communities on the Canadian West Coast. It is located half way between Vancouver and Whistler. World class outdoor recreation opportunities have visitors and locals descending on Squamish for rock climbing, kite boarding, mountain biking, hiking, and anything the landscape will allow. A new $600 million dollar highway provides for an uncongested 45 minute drive time to Vancouver or Whistler. Multi-modal transportation infrastructure (including deep sea port, rail, and highway) moves cargo to major markets worldwide and is connected to industrial opportunities. Revitalization efforts of the Downtown and Oceanfront areas present the future for new and unique commercial development.

There are so many reasons Squamish is the place to make your business investment:


  • The community is ideally situated half way between the world class destinations of Vancouver and Whistler and is one of the fastest growing communities on the Canadian West Coast.
  • As areas battle with congestion and affordability, Squamish, British Columbia promises room to breathe and a coveted live-work-play lifestyle.
  • Squamish gives you all the benefits of a quaint small town atmosphere yet still enables you to connect to neighboring trade markets of Vancouver or Whistler.
  •  A spectacular new $600 million-dollar highway serves close to 9.5 million people annually and provides for a scenic 45 minute drive time to Vancouver or Whistler.
  • The District of Squamish hosts unique multimodal infrastructure including rail, highway, and a deep sea port connected to  industrial investment opportunities.
  • The District of Squamish also hosts close to 100 acres of breathtaking prime oceanfront development land right off the edge of its downtown.


  • The small-town setting, spectacular natural environment, and world-class outdoor recreational opportunities make for an incredible lifestyle that few places can offer.
  • Squamish is blessed with natural assets that make playing outside famous here. Known as the “Outdoor Recreation Capital of Canada”, there is no other place where you can enjoy as many outdoor recreation pursuits in such close proximity to your doorstep. It is not uncommon to take a lunch break and bike single track, climb one of many areas, or kite board the consistent winds. If you can’t fit it in at lunch time, it is still waiting for you after work!
  • The people of Squamish are as equally passionate about their community as they are the outdoors. Besides the work and play opportunities, people soon realize that the real strength of Squamish’s lifestyle comes from the community that is made up of diverse, talented and passionate people dedicated to the community’s health and well-being.


  • Young, educated, adventure-driven people are flocking to Squamish for an alternative, and they are finding it. Squamish has one of the fastest growing population growth rates in the Province of B.C. growing at 15% over 5 years with a total population of 17,160.
  • The median age in Squamish is 37 and 63% of the population under the age of 40.
  • At the last census, the youth population in Squamish (under 14) was also the fastest growing in the Province. The average household income in Squamish is over $71,000— approximately 8% higher than the B.C. average (2006 census).

Open for Business

  • The District of Squamish Council has identified Economic Development as its top priority and is dedicated to having an attractive and welcoming business climate for investment.
  • The District’s Business Retention and Expansion Program connects with local business owners and operators to enhance relationships and facilitate support where appropriate. Of the 73 businesses that participated in the program in 2011 over half (52%) have indicated they are planning to expand in the community.
  • The District of Squamish works in partnership with local businesses to foster a business environment that supports both growth and success.

If you are considering a business investment, the Economic Development Office is you first point of contact. Please feel free to contact us at