Filming in Squamish

Why Squamish?

Location and Locations!
We’re closer than you think, and we’re in the Regional Tax Credit Zone. Squamish is a short 30-40 minute drive from West Vancouver. Did you know it’s often faster to drive from West Vancouver to Squamish than to drive across the city?   

Our unique location offers unparalleled scenery, and our rich history and recent development give us both small town and modern west coast looks.  Our abundant parks, forests, mountains, cliffs, and rivers provide endless natural settings.  Rural, urban or remote wilderness settings can all be found within minutes of town, and all easily accessible.   

Whatever your script calls for, you can find it in Squamish. Have filming questions, looking for suggestions, or just want to run an idea by us to see what’s possible? Contact us.

Film Friendly

We want you to film here!

The District of Squamish has long-established policies that ensure fast and straightforward permitting. But being a ‘film friendly’ town goes far beyond that.  Our businesses and neighbourhoods have established a reputation being welcoming and accommodating to productions of all sizes.  Squamish is also home to a large community of talented industry professionals.

One Stop Shopping

The District’s film contact can help you find the perfect location, contact information for properties, facilities and services, and coordinate with other agencies. 

Budget Friendly

All productions in Squamish require a business licence. The fee is $125 and you can come back as many times as you need during the calendar year.  Use of District roads, parking lots, and most parks do not have rental or permit fees attached. You’ll need an approved work permit and licence agreement but there’s no charge for those either.  If you use one of our facilities that normally has a rental fee attached, such as the airport or Brennan Park Recreation Centre, our regular, reasonable, rates will apply.

Planning Your Dates & Locations

There are often several projects and events underway in Squamish at any given time that may impact the dates and locations you are considering for your production. Please visit Projects & Initiatives for upcoming projects within the District of Squamish (including major capital upgrades that could impact road access) and our Events Calendar. You will also be required to meet all Traffic Regulation Bylaw requirements if on municipal property.

The Paperwork

If your production is entirely on private property, you will only need a business licence.

If your production uses any municipal property, including roads, sidewalks, parking lots etc. or needs access to services such as bulk water, you will need:

Squamish is a Bear Smart certified community. Help keep our wildlife wild and our community safe by following our Wildlife Attractant Bylaw. Please click here for a summary of requirements and resources.

Want to know more?

Contact us at 604.815.5043 or 
Download the film package.

For more information on locations to film in Squamish, including listing your property (if you are a Squamish land/homeowner), please contact Creative BC.