Garbage & Waste Diversion


The District of Squamish has a contract with Carney's Waste Systems to provide bi-weekly curbside residential garbage/recycling pick-up service within the District of Squamish.

Residents are provided with two 65-gallon totes. Grey lid garbage totes will be collected every other week and blue lid recycling totes the alternate week.

Be Bear Smart and keep garbage behind closed doors in your garage, basement or storage area.

If you need to reach into your tote for any reason, please ensure that  the tote will not roll away from you and that the lid is opened fully.  If you find your 65-gallon tote is too large to handle and you would  prefer a smaller tote, please  contact Carney’s Waste Systems at 604.892.5675.

View the Comprehensive Solid Waste Strategy.