Squamish is both a seaside and a mountain community. We are surrounded by the Coast Range Mountains, have an extensive estuary and are situated within the floodplains of five major river systems. Clear cut blocks in conjunction with fields, wetlands, estuaries, marine beach habitat, salmon bearing streams and copious fruit bearing trees all provide seasonal food for wildlife. Simply put, the Outdoor Recreational Capital of Canada is situated in prime bear, cougar, and coyote country.

Bear Smart Community

The District of Squamish initiated the Bear Aware/Bear Smart Program in 2004 in response to the high number of human-bear conflicts and a record of 27 bears being destroyed that year. The objective of the Bear Aware Program is to reduce human-bear conflicts within communities through education, co-operation, and innovation. In 2013, the Bear Aware Program was replaced with what is now, the WildSafeBC Program. WildSafeBC concentrates efforts on reducing conflicts between humans and wildlife with the overall goal of keeping wildlife wild and communities safe.

On September 25th 2010, the District of Squamish was the second BC community to receive Bear Smart Accreditation from the Ministry of Environment.

Roadside Wildlife

Wildlife frequently feed alongside or cross the highway. Motorists and cyclists should be alert and not stop to view or feed wildlife. Slowing or stopping to view wildlife on the side of the road creates a hazard for other drivers and habituates wildlife to human presence.  Never stop to view, photograph, or feed wildlife.

Contact WildSafeBC:

Phone: 604-815-5066
Email: squamish@wildsafebc.com

Please report injured or problem wildlife or sightings of dangerous wildlife to the BC Conservation Officer Service 24/ hotline at 1-877-952-7277 or *7277 from your cell phone.

The District of Squamish in partnership with the BC Conservation Officer Service provide wildlife email alerts when there is an increase in the potential fo public safety concerns. Sign up for wildlife alerts.