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The fire is now 100% contained, but remains active. Squamish Fire Rescue, with continued support from Vancouver and Whistler fire crews continue to battle the fire. The pier on the south end is collapsing into the water, providing the fire boat with an advantage to access the fire. Read More »

To support the Squamish firefighting effort, Stage 4 water restrictions are now in effect. Please minimize your indoor water use and avoid outdoor water use, including lawn watering and washing vehicles.  While we are not currently near capacity, implementing these restrictions will help avoid stressing our water system more than necessary.  To learn more about Stage 4, please visit Read More »

Squamish Fire Rescue is reporting that the #Squamishfire is fully contained but not out. Crews will be using a 3 hour low tide window to continue fighting the fire from the water. The shelter-in-place order remains lifted but please be aware that conditions could change throughout the day. Read More »

The District of Squamish has called in resources from the Province to assist with air quality testing in the wake of the Squamish Terminals fire. As of midnight, the fire was contained at 90% and efforts on site throughout the night will be focused on controlling the fire. Efforts will move to extinguishing the fire underneath the dock once the morning's high tide recedes.  Read More »

Update (9:55 p.m.) Fire update: the Vancouver Fire Boat is now on scene and Squamish Fire Rescue is reporting that the fire is 80% contained. The boat that was in dock has been pulled safely away, and there were no injuries amongst the crew. Squamish Terminals crew are also all accounted for.  Read More »

Squamish is about to get a little healthier thanks to a Healthy Communities Collaboration Agreement endorsed by the District of Squamish and Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH). The agreement was recently endorsed by District of Squamish Council, paving the way for new partnership opportunities to address, improve and coordinate community health policy, land use planning and programming decisions. Read More »

Update: 6 a.m. Friday, April 10 - the Aquatic Centre re-opened this morning with its regular schedule and for all regular programming. Thank you. Read More »

The District of Squamish proposes to refinance the current $8.1 million Oceanfront Lands debt over a maximum of 20 years, enabling the District to more effectively manage the debt repayment schedule. This proposal will avoid depleting District of Squamish reserves and/or significantly raising taxes to cover balloon payments, while completion of the sale of the Oceanfront land and subsequent repayment of the debt is pending. An Alternative Approval Process is required for this to proceed. Read More »

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