Downtown Transformation Initiative


Transforming Downtown Squamish

The District is in the first stages of initiating a 20-year strategic action plan to facilitate Downtown Transformation. This initiative is a top priority of Council over the next two years of its term. Development of a 20-year strategic action and implementation plan aims to ensure that Downtown Squamish becomes a vibrant and healthy core of the community for commerce, culture, and creativity. To bring the community-held vision for downtown to reality, the action strategy will include:

  • Meaningful connections to the waterfront along the Mamquam Blind Channel, such as waterfront parkland and walkways.
  • Public amenities and spaces in the Downtown, such as a new town square.
  • An effective and efficient traffic and parking plan that supports transit, pedestrians and bike lanes.
  • A streetscape plan that beautifies and livens up the streets, including public art, signage and way finding.
  • Trail connections between Downtown, the Squamish Estuary, Squamish Oceanfront Development Corporation (SODC) lands, the Mamquam Blind Channel, Smoke Bluffs Park, and neighbourhood residential areas.
  • Events focused on Downtown to animate the area and draw residents and visitors into the ‘heart’ of Squamish.



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  • Judy Sep 11, 2015

    I think creating community gardens downtown squamish in spaces like those mentioned in the above comment would be a better idea than simply grass. However, green space is encouraged wherever possible. It's even a good idea to make new buildings with green rooftops, or maybe even garden rooftops similar to Nita Lake Lodge. The community gardens would also be a little more forward thinking than simple landscaping that would cost money to maintain by municipality.

  • DOS Communications Aug 15, 2014

    Thanks for your comment and suggestion, Craig. We'll add pdfs of the posters.

  • Craig Davidiuk Aug 15, 2014


    I applaud the efforts of the DOS to create events downtown in the summer. A LOT of my customers attend them. Could you make it easier for us by offering a PDF poster we can print and put up on our bulletin board for events like this? Out of towners do not subscribe to our email news or read our papers. Cheers. Keep up the good work.

  • Norbert Botca May 23, 2014

    I know that it was a lot of effort put towards the downtown beautification and probably this was already mentioned; however, I would like to suggest that a less costly and high visual impact would be the beautification of the brownfields along Cleveland Avenue and Loggers Lane. I’m thinking that all the dead space can be changed to grassed area and planting some trees, until these areas will be properly redeveloped. Also, changing these ugly rusted fences with some lower, less concentration camp-like fences would help.
    On the same note, the rusted light posts on the parking area in front of the RBC looks like they will collapse soon and that area would look better without them, since they are not used anyway.
    Norbert Botca

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