Update Your Business Licence

Renewing your business licence? 

Don't forget to update your business information for 2023 below. Updating your business information provides valuable information to inform local business programs and services. 

Reporting Changes
Any changes to the business including ownership, name, address, contact information, square footage, number of seats, number of employees or closure must be reported using these change forms:

Please note these forms must be signed and emailed to: businesslicence@squamish.ca  in order to update your business licence. Do not use the online form below to report changes. 

Community Planning:  604.815.5014


Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act Notification: This information is collected in accordance with the current business licence bylaw and with permission of the owner and will be used to produce a business licence, a list of licenced businesses, for statistical analysis and survey requests. If you have any questions about the collection or use of this information, contact the Freedom of Information Coordinator, District of Squamish, 604.815.5023. 


Renewing your licence - business information data collection

If you are renewing your business licences and there are no changes to the business such as name, address, increase in square footage etc, please complete the form below.  (To report a change, please complete the "Change Form" above and submit by email.)

The information collected below is used for data analysis by both the Planning and Economic Development departments to help us make well-informed policy decisions.

Do you operate a home-based business?

What percentage of your premises is used for the following:

Does your premises have a mezzanin?

What percentage of your sales are generated:

Is the location of your business located on the ground floor of a multi-story building?

Note that all data is stored securely on Canadian servers.

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