2019 Closed Competitions

Number  Title Status  Awarded to  Contract Value 
R2019-061 Xwu"nekw Park Sea Dike Design and Construction Services


SNC-Lavalin $248,792
R2019-062 UBW Support Services

Being Evaluted

R2019-058 Landfill Flare and Collection Network


Sperling Hansen Associates $99,625
R2019-057 Pioneer Road Upgrade - Consulting Services

Being Evaluated

R2019-050 Squamish Landfill Operation & Maintenance

Being Evaluated

R2019-055 Utilities Parts Supplier

Being Evaluated

R2019-046 Installation of Internal Water Meters


 Neptune Technology Group  $282,197
R2019-044 Auto Extraction Equipment Being Evaluated  .  
R2019-034 Pump Replacement Judd Slough Being Evaluated    
R2019-029 Pole Lighting Design & Cost Estimate Being Evaluated    
R2019-041 Landfill Design, Operations & Closure Plan Update Awarded  XCG Consulting  $42,194.00
R19-13 Hook Lift Truck Being Evaluated    
R2019-039 Fleet Vehicles Being Evaluated    
R2019-036 Design Build Garage Enclosures Awarded BBR Contracting  
R2019-032 Bulk Water Truck Fill Station Control System Awarded    
R2019-033 Brennan Park New Exterior Stairs Being Evaluated    
R2019-024 WWTP Blower and Aeration System Upgrade Awarded   MPE Engineering  $65,826.00
R2019-028 Integrated Stormwater Management Plan Awarded  Urban Systems  $299,875.00
R2019-035 Mashiter Creek Bridge Deck Repairs Awarded  SureSpan Construction $102,650.00
R2019-040 Consulting Services - Planning/Infrastructure Awarded  Susan Stratis   
R19-01 Fuel Management Prescription Development Being evaluated    
R19-02 Self-Propelled Scissor or Vertical Mast Lift Awarded United Rentals  $21,018.12
R19-09 Dust Abatement Being Evaluated    
R2019-018 Sanitary Sewer CCTV & Vapor Testing Awarded C3 Mainline Inspections  $54,905.92
Exempt Staff Compensation Review

Awarded  Morneau Shepell  $37,800.00
R19-06 Priority Sector Plan  Being Evaluated    
R19-04 Design Services Day Care Facility  Being Evaluated    
R19-11  Gas Detection System Being Evaluated    
R19-05 Ductless Heat Pump Being Evaluated    
R19-15 Diving Board Stand Being Evaluated    
R19-07  Brennan Pool Tile Repair Awarded    
R19-12 Retrofit Kits for Decorative Streetlights Awarded  EB Horseman $53,700 
R2019-019 Active Transportation Construction  Awarded  Alpine Paving $963,763.50 
R19-10 Strategic Workforce Planning Being Evaluated    
R19-14 Interface Wildfire DPA Being Evaluated    
R2019-023 Clarke Drive Corridor Trail Expansion  Being Evaluated    

Design Services New Fire Hall  Awarded HCMA  $859,530.00
R2019-022  Construction Management Services - New Firehall  Awarded  Kinetic Construction  $412,000
Storm Sewer CCTV Inspection @ Reporting 
Awarded  MJ Pawlowski $84,445.87
R2019-021  Eagle Viewing Area Seaichem Reserve Dike Master Plan   Awarded  KWL  $269,484
R2019-025  Government Road Watermain  Awarded  PW Trenchless  $188,603
R2019-030 Painting Services Awarded    
R2019-026  Powerhouse Springs Production Well  Awarded  Coastal Mountain Excavations $217,680
R2019-037 Queens Way Lift Station Condition Assessment and Upgrade     Awarded Stantec    $35,489.00
R2019-043 Audit Services Being Evaluated    
R2019-045 Flow Meters Being Evaluated    
Supply Internal Water Meters  Being Evaluated    
R2019-052 Request for Proposals for Backhoe Being Evaluated    
R2019-047 Request for Quotations for External Water Meter Installations Being Evaluated    
R2019-053 Request for Quotations for External Water Meter Installations Being Evaluated    
R2019-049 Annual Watermain Upgrades - Consulting Services Being Evaluated    
R2019-048 Mamquam Dike Vegetation Being Evaluated    

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