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We work to support sustainable economic development which considers the economic, social, and environmental well-being of local residents.

We support the local business community and future sector growth by providing business intelligence for decision-making purposes. This includes, managing and conducting primary and secondary research and providing economic development expertise to internal staff and external stakeholders. Our research work informs policy development, investment and business decisions.

We focus on encouraging strategic investments and new firm growth in priority sectors of our economy to generate new employment and economic resiliency locally.   

Finally, through our research knowledge and economic development expertise, we facilitate supportive programming and partnerships that are aimed at supporting local sectors of our economy.

Governance Approach
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Strategy and Plans
Action Plan 2020-2022

The Economic Action Plan 2020-2022 is an overview of the District of Squamish's Economic Development approach and work plan.

Emerging Sector Roadmap & Action Plan

A strategic roadmap and action plan that provides the District and its stakeholders with tactics, timelines and ideas for emerging sector development.

Employment Space Demand Model

A modeling tool, which is owned and maintained by the District, and used for the analysis of employment space over time and across an evolving context

Tourism Impact Study

This study, funded by provincial grant, seeks to understand the impact of tourism on Squamish and understand the industry dynamics on the market

Archived Strategy and Plans
Economic Action Plan

Hardwired for Business, Economic Action Plan 2017-2019 is the foundation strategy for the District of Squamish's Economic Development Department.

Employment Lands Strategy

The Employment Lands Strategy helps to ensure there are sufficient employment
lands to meet a range of potential future needs through 2031.

Community Digital Strategy

The goal of the Squamish Digital Strategy is to determine how we can better leverage technology to meet the growing needs of our citizens.

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