About the District's Employment Space Research

Ensuring an increased supply of terrestrial and marine-based employment space, in pace with market demand, is a strategic priority for the District of Squamish. Adequate space means that local businesses can expand and new firms can locate in Squamish, translating into more jobs for our resident workforce.

Employment land and space is a strategic area of research and policy development for the District, and a key focus of our Economic Action Plan. As population grows in the District, we're conducting research to understand the employment space needs of our local sectors, the current capacity for different types of space, and future demand. With these insights, we're developing data-driven economic models, tools and resources to help ensure we have an appropriate supply of land and space to support future economic growth.

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Recent Research

In 2020, Economic Development teamed up with District Planning to complete an Employment Lands Inventory and Model. The goal of this project was to inventory existing and planned supply of employment space throughout the District, and forecast potential demand for space over time. The model relies on District data from business licencing, development, and construction, and incorporates third-party consumption data, as well as employment and firm forecasts. Moving forward, staff will continue to enhance the model’s accuracy through data, functionality, and supporting research.

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Opportunities for Engagement

This fall, join us for an interview led by a District of Squamish team member!