Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: Do I need to fill out the event application if I just want to have a ball tournament?
A: Yes. This aids us in planning and processing other special event requests and you will have first opportunity with booking.

Q: Do I need to fill this out if my event is on private property?
A: Yes, this will aid us in planning with other special events; however you will not have to go through the formal process. Traffic management plans, parking plans and other governmental permits may be required.

Q: What do I need to do before my event is approved for a Special Event Permit?
A: Depending on the type, location and size of your event, the requirements for your event can vary. Please read Things To Know When Hosting An Event In Squamish to learn more about the different types of requirements for a Special Event Permit. 

Q: Can I request to close a street for my event?  
A: Yes, please complete a Work Permit to request a street closure or the use of any District streets and roads for your event. All requests are considered on an event by event basis.  

Q: I would like to have my wedding in a park. Do I need to fill out the event application?
A: Yes, this allows us to book the park for you and prevents double booking or conflict with other events.

Q: If I am from out of town, does my event need a business licence?
A: No, events are not required to have a business licence. However, you may require a Special Event Permit.

Q: Do you rent any of the District of Squamish equipment?
A: No. There are numerous rental companies within the Sea To Sky corridor that can meet your needs.

Q: Can I have my fees waived if I am a not-for-profit company and cannot afford them?
A: Not by staff, as fees are established through the Fees and Charges Bylaw. You can request  a Community Enhancement Grant from Council to cover the fees assessed for your event. You will need to fill the application and appear before Council in December of each year.

Q: Do you issue food permits?
A: No. Food permits are issued through Vancouver Coast Health Authority.

Q: Is it possible to have a Beer Garden?
A: Yes; but you must obtain a Special Occasions Liquor Licence from the BC Liquor Distribution Branch - please apply online.

Q:I held my event last year. Do I need to re-apply?
A: Yes. This is an annual process. It will enable you to have the same time slot if you apply again. You are welcome to apply for next year's date(s) as your event is complete.

Q: How soon do I need to apply?
A: The earlier the better, as it allows us time to process your application. We need at least two months lead time.  All event locations are on a first come first served basis.

Q: Does the rental of Brennan Park Recreation Centre include shower and pool access?
A: Not unless you have requested them.

Q: Can I receive a package deal if I book more than one facility or park?
A: Reduced fees are available to events that use multiple District facilities for one Special Event. Furthermore, a reduced Special Event Permit fee is available for a series of events held within a 12 month period. Ask the Film & Events Department for more information.

Q: Do you have floor plans and site maps for Brennan Park Recreation Center and municipal parks?
A: Yes, please go to Event Planning Tools for available site maps and floor plans.

Q: Do you have samples of event management plans I can use for my application?
A: Yes, we have provided you with samples of waste and traffic management plans on our website, as well as an Event Fire Safety Plan for your use. 

Q: Do you have an aerial view of the Brennan Park Rec Center and fields? 

A: Yes, you can view aerials on our GIS System.

Q: Are all the rooms at Brennan Park Recreation Centre accessible?
A: Most of the areas within Brennan Park Recreation Centre are accessible. However, the Mezzanine and arena bleachers/stands are not easily wheelchair accessible.

Q: What is the size of the pool?
A: The pool is 25m in length & 6 lane wide.

Q: What is the size of the arena? 
A: The arena is 85' by 200'.

Q: What is the size of the auditorium?
A: The auditorium is 64' by 105'.

Q: How many campsites does the campground have?
A: 42 campsites.

Q: Do I have to pay SOCAN fees?

A:  The Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada is a not-for-profit organization that represents the Canadian performing rights of music creators and publishers. If you are planning on having live music at your event. You could be required to pay a SOCAN license fee.  Please visit more or information.

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