Dust control: What you should know

With summer weather arriving sooner than expected this year, the District is issuing a notice for active construction or site alteration sites to ensure that there are dust mitigation measures being taken and dust is controlled at all times. Dry weather combined with strong winds during the day and into the evening are typical summer weather conditions for Squamish, generating clouds of dust blowing from development sites.

Dust can be a safety hazard and a major nuisance for the public, and with elevated levels of active development it is a major concern for the District as we head into the summer. Owners or site supervisors need to make sure that the site is under control with respect to dust and debris originating on site at all times, including weekends. Weekends tend to be particularly hazardous as many folks are home during the day and are trying to enjoy their backyards or decks.

Use of water is common practice for managing dust. Please note that only non-potable water can be used for dust abatement, which requires trucking the water to the site. Non-potable water can be obtained from Hendrickson Field or Mount Garibaldi Cemetery.  Please contact Public Works at 604-815-6868 to access non-potable water.

In accordance with the District’s Building and Site Alteration Bylaws, as well as the BC Building Code, every owner to whom a Permit is issued shall ensure that appropriate site safety measures are taken to protect the public from any hazards which may result from the construction activities. A building official may order the cessation of any work that is proceeding in contravention of the Building Code or District bylaw by posting a Stop Work notice. The owner of property on which a Stop Work notice has been posted, and every other person, shall cease all construction work immediately and shall not do any work until all applicable provisions of the Code and bylaw have been substantially complied with and the Stop Work notice has been rescinded.

Property owners are responsible for all work that is taking place on the property and are responsible for contractors meeting provincial and local dust mitigation requirements.

District officers are going to proactively monitor development sites during dry periods this summer. While we are hopeful that owners and contractors are taking responsible steps to contain the dust and debris, officers will be issuing fines and Stop Work orders where dust is leaving the development site.


Fine Information:

Fine for watering outdoor surfaces from a potable water source: $200 per day and per offence.

Fine for failure of ensuring site safety: $1,000 per day and per offence.


Thank you for your cooperation. Please do let us know if you have any questions.

May 17, 2018

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