Proper concrete upkeep requested during winter months

The District of Squamish is noticing damage to concrete sidewalks from salting during the winter months. Concrete that is poured in either too hot or too cold temperatures can be more susceptible to damage from salt. Concrete pours will ideally occur early enough to provide enough time for proper curing to avoid spalling or other damage from snow and ice management. With supply chain issues in mind, the District is aware that it may be difficult to plan effectively and recommends that developers work with their contractors, tenants, and clients to ensure they use salt that is appropriate for use on concrete, especially if the concrete is new.

For anyone with a Servicing Agreement for offsite works, even if sidewalk safe salt is used and damages offsite concrete this is considered a deficiency and the developer is responsible for repairs. This is regardless of whether salting is completed by the developer’s contractor or by new owners after occupancy.

December 2, 2022

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