Development Permit No 373 Loggers Lane and Raven Drive


Infinity Properties has applied for a Development Permit in conjunction with a four-phased subdivision proposal for 117 lots to be located at Loggers Lane and Raven Drive.  Phase 1 of the subdivision, which includes 27 lots as well as Park Land, has been applied for (“Subdivision No. 390”).

If watercourses are present on or adjacent to a property, subdivision of land requires a Development Permit (DP) as per DP Area 11 Protection of Riparian Areas in order to establish riparian setbacks, and to ensure adequate developable area remains after the subdivision of the land. 

If approved, Development Permit No. 373 would establish a riparian buffer averaging 30 meters to be maintained from Finch Creek and Loggers Creek.  The proposal has received federal authorization from Fisheries and Oceans Canada, and the habitat compensation requirements have been constructed. 

View the Map of Riparian Boundaries.