DVP 54 (renewal) and DVP 91 – Crumpit Woods Phase 2


DVP 54 Renewal Request

Crumpit Woods Developments Squamish Ltd has requested a two-year extension to Development Variance Permit No. 54. DVP 54 was originally issued to Diamond Head Land Company Ltd. on April 7, 2009 with an expiry date of April 7, 2011.

The previously authorized Development Variance Permit is fully detailed in the March 19, 2013 report to Council. The permit authorized variances to the District’s subdivision development, zoning and sign standards. Variances to local roads standards, minimum lot widths, building heights, fencing authorized and allowed for an alternate standard to respond to topography and hillside conditions.

Applicant Request Letter

DVP 91 

A Development Variance Permit has been applied for in conjunction with phase 2 of Crumpit Woods. The applicant is requesting variances to the Zoning Bylaw as follows:

dvp91 chart

Lot 94 – Reduce rear yard setback from 25 feet to 10 feet.

Lot 64 – Section 4.4(iii) to change the minimum rear setback for garages from 8 feet to 25 feet.

dvp91 map

DVP 54 extension request and DVP 91 will be considered by District of Squamish Council on Tuesday, February 3, 2015 at 6:30 p.m.

Notices will be mailed and hand delivered to owners and occupants within 100m of the subject property advising them of the date of the public hearing for this Development Variance Permit. The date of the hearing will also be posted here once it is determined. If you wish to speak to these proposed variances you can submit comments through this showcase, by email or you can attend the public hearing