DVP 85- 38537 Sky Pilot Drive


An application for a Development Variance Permit has been received for 38357 SkyPilot Drive, Squamish. As part of the Crumpitwoods Design Guideline requirements, roof overhangs where incorporated are required to have a minimum dimension of 900cm. In this particular case given the configuration and size of the lot, the difficulties of adhering to this overhang requirement is significantly difficult.

The subject property has a front yard setback around the 3 sides, leaving only one side yard setback.

The applicant is requesting  a variance to the side yard setback for the roof overhang asking for a 10 ¾” encroachment to meet the minimum 3” overhang.

On the south side a variance is requested for an encroachment of the roof overhang  to  1’2”.

On the north side a variance is requested of 1’ 10”.