DVP 92 - 40157 Garibaldi Way


Jim Harvey has submitted an application for a development variance permit on property described as: 

Lot 1, Section 11, Township 50, New Westminster District  Plan EPP39096 located at 40157 Garibaldi Way, Squamish, B.C.                  

This application, if approved, would allow for a 13 m variance on the location of a carriage home, varying the minimum setback from the front property line from 45 m to 58 m. Mitigation measure include:

  • access to the carriage home by fire trucks by way of a 14 m long, reinforced concrete driveway access;
  • non-combustible cladding & roofing
  • installation of sprinklers in the building.

40157 garibaldi way


  1. Development Application;
  2. Title Search;
  3. Site Plan;
  4. Flood Covenant; and
  5. Restrictive Covenant on Size