OCP Bylaw 2343 & Rezoning Bylaw 2344 – 1201 Commercial Way (Sea to Sky Business Park)


Both OCP Bylaw 2343 and Zoning Bylaw 2344 were adopted in December 2014.

A land development application has been submitted by Solterra Development Corp for the Sea to Sky Business Park located at 1201 Commercial Way.

The purpose of the joint OCP and Rezoning application is to allow for additional uses permitted in the I-1 (Light Industrial) Zone, in two new industrial zones for the subject lands north of Commercial Way. The applicant’s intent is to increase the marketability and success of the Sea to Sky Business Park development and accommodate a new specialized business park industrial-commercial zoning for a small commercial service centre to serve businesses and employees within the park.

For clarity, a Development Permit (DP 342) for the first phase of development in the southwest portion of the site has been authorized in alignment with existing zoning, permitting approximately 9,500 m2 (100,000 ft2) buildable floor area in 4 multi-bay industrial buildings.

The subject lands are identified as Phase 2 and designated Industrial Business within the Squamish Business Park Sub-Area Plan, adopted in 2002 and are zoned I-1 (Light Industrial). Although designated Industrial Business, the pre-existing I-1 zoning has remained, despite the original plan intent that the existing light industrial zone that applies to the undeveloped Phase 2 lands be replaced with new zones that are more reflective of the plan’s principles, policies and generalized land use concept.

Amendments to the Official Community Plan policies and Business Park Sub-Area Plan are proposed to establish and clarify the role of an industry-servicing commercial centre within the Business Park; secondly, amendments are proposed by the applicant to accommodate a greater range of business commercial uses in the proposed industrial-commercial service centre than is presently anticipated in the Plan.

Specialized Industrial Business (I-8 Zone) – Lot A and Lot 2

Proposed zoning amendments are to permit ‘business and professional office, minor’ and indoor recreation use (including but not limited to a climbing centre and bicycle park) to support recreation-oriented technology ‘rec-tech’ uses such as manufacturing, wholesaling, research and development and related uses.

Specialized Business Service Centre (I-9 Zone) – Lot B

A small industrial-commercial Business Service Centre is proposed on a 5 acre portion of the site at Commercial and Discovery Way. New expanded uses proposed are ‘business and professional office, minor’ (second floor), ‘business service establishment’, as well as commercial uses such as ‘drive-through restaurant’ limited to 2 fast-food/fast-coffee outlets, ‘financial institution’, limited to one establishment’; ‘postal outlet’;  ‘restaurant (not limited to 50 seats as in I-1 Zone)’; and ‘retail store’ with conditions of use as outlined in the amending Bylaw 2344. The service centre is proposed for the southeast corner of the site, with approximate total gross buildable floor area of 75,000 sqft in multiple buildings with varying footprints.

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