The Falls Townhomes (Eaglewind)


Project Number: 2014-63

  • Development Permit No. 380 (The Falls Townhomes)

Solterra Development Corporation has submitted an application for a development permit on property described as: Lot A Plan BCP40219, District Lot 4261 (PID 027-846-351)


located at 1217 Summits View Drive, Squamish, B.C. This application, if approved, would allow for the development of 40 townhomes.

Supporting documents: 

  1. Development Permit Area 7 guidelines (Multi-family residential);
  2. Proposed site plan;
  3. Proposed landscape plan;
  4. Site sections;
  5. Four-plex perspectives;
  6. Four-plex elevations;
  7. Six-plex perspectives;
  8. Six-plex elevations; and
  9. Six-plex elevations.