Squamish Municipal Airport – Don Patrick Field

The District of Squamish (“District”) owns and operates the Squamish Municipal Airport – Don Patrick Field (“Airport”). There are currently five tenants operating at the Airport, with a combination of fixed wing and rotary operations. The Tenants are Glacier Air, Sea to Sky Air, Blackcomb Aviation, Black Tusk Helicopter and the Squamish Flying Club.

The Airport is located on 58-hectare parcel of land within the boundaries of the District of Squamish at the mouth of the Cheakamus and Squamish Rivers.  The 730m (2,400ft) runway was constructed in 1969 by the Squamish Flying Club with technical assistance from Transport Canada.

Photo Credit: Warwick Patterson



Transport Canada

All aspects of aviation are regulated by Transport Canada (“TC”) through the Aeronautics Act.

Canada Flight Supplement

The Canada Flight Supplement (CFS) is a document published by NAV Canada to provide a guideline for pilots using the Squamish Airport. The guidelines in the CFS for Airport are exactly that, “guidelines”, as aircraft safety is paramount and the actual flightpath chosen in and out of Airport is the responsibility of and determined by the pilot and can be affected by wind conditions, visibility, air temperature, avoidance of birds and pilot skill level.  Neither TC nor the District of Squamish have the authority to enforce compliance with these guidelines.   

Here is the Airport’s CFS page:



Although the District has no authority over aviation, the District supports Airport operations through the following:

  • Updating and making recommendations for CFS amendments for submission to TC and NAV Canada. The District updated the CFS in 2020/2021;
  • Investigating and tracking noise or safety complaints and reporting to TC as appropriate (District’s Noise Regulation Bylaw does not apply to aviation); and
  • Encourage the following Neighborly Flying Practices within the Squamish flying community:
    • Follow the departure procedures published in the CFS.
    • During takeoff, adopt the best rates of climb and routing to minimize noise impacts over residences.
    • When safe to do so, maintain positive rate of climb at reduced power and RPM settings.
    • On descent, use low noise speed / power settings and high takeoff / descent profiles when flying over highly populated areas.
    • Restrict low level rotary training to designated and approved areas.
    • Follow appropriate TC navigational regulations and procedures.



District of Squamish

Operation/Communication Inquires 
Chantal Milan, Real Estate Coordinator
Phone | 604.815.5024
Email | cmilan@squamish.ca 

Lease Inquires 
Nav Gill, Portfolio Administrator
Phone | 778.266.3445
Email | ngill@squamish.ca



The Airport has the following five tenants: