Did you know that transportation accounts for 52% of our community carbon emissions? We can make major progress on climate action by shifting beyond the car and using low-carbon vehicles.

Shifting beyond the car

The District is working on several programs to suit the needs of our diverse population: Increasing public transit options, making it safer to commute on foot or by or bike, and encouraging neighbourhood infill housing to make it easier for residents to access everyday amenities without the use of a vehicle. In 2023 we will be offering more car free days, continuing to invest in our active transportation network and exploring an e-bike sharing program in Squamish.

Reducing our emissions in key areas

Based on our emissions inventory, we know that most of our emissions come from transportation, waste, and buildings. The District is also responsible for implementing climate action targets within our municipal facilities and infrastructure. See how we're working to lower emissions in these areas.

Easy steps to increase your use of sustainable transportation

Public transit and active transportation in the District of Squamish.

Low-carbon vehicles

Building a low-carbon future means moving away from transportation powered by fossil fuels. The District recently received a major grant from Natural Resources Canada and the BC Government to build more electric vehicle (EV) charging stations throughout Squamish. Squamish has also engaged in EV ambassador and Multi-Unit Residential Building campaigns (see below).


EVs for commuters

Get your burning questions answered about making the switch from gas to electric for your travels in the corridor and beyond.

How electric vehicles are paving the way to a low-carbon future

Webinar Recording: Electrify Your Sea to Sky Commute

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EVs for Multi-unit Residential Buildings

Need help navigating the process of installing EV charging stations in your residential building with multiple owners? Learn about step-by-step resources and rebates available for apartments and condos.

A guide to EV charging for apartments and condos

Webinar Recording: EV Charging for Sea to Sky Apartments and Condos

Rebates and Incentives

The District of Squamish is using funds from the Provincial Local Government Climate Action Program to top up existing incentives that are offered by Clean BC Go Electric for single family homes, workplaces and apartments. The following top ups are offered, which add to existing rebates that are available for EV charging: CleanBC Go Electric

  • Squamish adds $150 for EV charging station purchase and installment at a single family residence
  • Squamish adds $1,000 (per stall) for an EV charging station installation at a workplace
  • Squamish adds $1,000 for the creation of an EV ready plan
  • Squamish adds $200 (per stall) for EV ready infrastructure installation