Under One Roof

Under One Roof

"Food should always be taken to its best and highest use in a system that supports having fresh, nutritious food as a human right."

Please choose the one area of climate action that you feel that your actions most closely relate to:
Reducing landfill waste

Please describe in detail a couple of the main climate actions you are taking to reduce emissions in your own life:
Under One Roof offers the Squamish community improved and centralized access to food, shelter and support services. There are many passionate team members and volunteers who contribute to the ongoing operations of Under One Roof, each tackling climate action in their own way, whether it be driving less, recycling, or working to reduce waste.

Please describe in detail something you are doing toward broader community climate action:
Under One Roof’s food and nourishment program—a partnership between the Squamish Food Bank, Squamish Helping Hands, Vancouver Coastal Health, and the District of Squamish—offers four different types of food delivery services and an on-site Food2Grow garden, which is used for both food and therapy. Community participation is at the heart of it all.

The facility was designed as a low waste hub with the intention of reducing food waste as much as possible and making a positive change in the food system. Through the innovative Food Rescue initiative, Under One Roof “rescues” dated perishables and non-perishables from grocery stores before they are thrown into the landfill. These items are then repurposed or redistributed to those in need within the Sea to Sky community. For example: over-ripened tomatoes are turned into nutritious soups in the Under One Roof kitchen.

Another example that describes the circle of community involvement in reducing food waste is the redirection of ripe bananas from donor grocers to the school lunch and breakfast program. The Under One Roof kitchen makes baked goods in-house for these programs and is fortunate to have a great kitchen space equipped with a walk-in cooler and freezer to help store and preserve the goods. Through this initiative, Under One Roof is able to save bananas from the landfill and provide nutritious snacks to the school community.

What has inspired you to take climate action?
Zero food waste is good to do for its own sake because it has a direct link to doing better and what is right for the planet. But, zero food waste is also about responding to inequity, food insecurity, poverty, and sheer unadulterated entitlement. Food should always be taken to its best and highest use in a system that supports having fresh, nutritious food as a human right. Food, air, and water are required for life and therefore from a social justice perspective they should be there for the good of all - easily and equitably.

What advice do you have for Squamish community members who are looking to get involved with climate action?
Ask yourself, is there any downside to it? Then take action wherever you can.