Have lunch with the Mayor

When: December 15 - 01:00pm

Where: Squamish Public Library

breakfast with the mayor3

The next Mayor's Breakfast is a lunch!

The Childcare Challenge/Opportunity

The Early Development Instrument (EDI) is a tool that measures the developmental health of the kindergarten population across the province. For Squamish, EDI data reveals that 32% of children in Squamish north and 38% of children in Squamish south are starting school with vulnerability in one or more areas that are critical to their healthy development. We are working to change that. How can we attract and retain qualified Early Childhood Development educators? How can we ensure our childcare facilities meet the demands of our growing population? How can we prevent parents from having to leave the workforce? How can we collectively work together to take advantage of new policies and funding expected with the provincial budget in February 2018?

On Friday, December 15, please join Mayor Patricia Heintzman to dive into the current early childhood education landscape, what our community needs, and how an integrated approach to early childhood education can make a significant and positive impact in the health and well-being of our youngest residents.

Children welcome. Story time activities will be provided.

Soup and mac & cheese will be served.