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Coast Mountain Academy

Innovative. Engaged. Inspired.
Coast Mountain Academy is an independent, non-profit, university-preparatory school for students in grades 7 - 12. Our unique 21st-century approach fosters opportunities for well-rounded and engaged learning.

Extensive research into both proven and leading-edge educational practices has contributed to the development of an innovative and dynamic educational model. Ours is a learning environment that engages and inspires students and teachers alike.

Coast Mountain Academy endeavours to graduate inspired leaders with the exceptional academic, social, and emotional preparedness common to conscientious and successful global citizens.

We create highly-engaging indoor and outdoor classroom experiences to support the holistic development of students through rigorous academics. Smaller class sizes, longer class periods, and cross-curricular learning opportunities take full advantage of our rich natural environment, while educating students for proficiency in written and oral expression, critical-analytical thinking, and productive collaboration - all keys to success in post-secondary education and beyond.

Scholarships and Bursaries
As a non-profit independent school, CMA is committed to accessibility for all students who show an active interest in their education and who can demonstrate their commitment to supporting our school's community values. We give back to our community through scholarships (merit-based financial awards) and bursaries (needs-based financial assistance).

Community Engagement
We take students into the community to apply their learning through mentorship, research, and integration. Community service is a pillar of CMA and our students volunteer regularly throughout the year to give back to the community in which we live and study.

Performance Academies
Our goal is to provide focused training to student athletes and performers so that they excel in arts and athletics. We provide high-level instruction and coaching while maintaining the standards and expectations of a Coast Mountain Academy student. CMA offers the following academies: Soccer, Ice Hockey, Music, Dance, and Elite Performers.

OE3 (Outdoor Experiential & Ecological Education)
The OE3 program has been designed to make the best use of the students' natural, active dispositions and to sustain meaningful engagement at week- and year-end. Practical hands-on activities are designed to compliment and enhance theory-based instruction and appeal to different blends of learning styles. The program broadens perspectives through new experiences, and encourages innovative teaching methods. Our OE3 activities are developed to support the social and cognitive development of the individuals who will go on to become the citizen-leaders of our communities.

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