Breakfast with the Mayor

When: November 25 - 07:45am - 09:00am

Where: Squamish Public Library

breakfast with the mayor3Rethinking Food Waste

Come and join Mayor Heintzman for a discussion over a tasty breakfast that will be made from grocery store donations of foods nearing the end of their shelf life. There is no charge to attend.

In our homes, many of us are generally quick to throw out or compost food that is “past its best”.

This zero waste-themed breakfast aims to raise awareness about how we approach cooking and food in our day-to-day lives, and encourage participants to rethink how their own perceived food waste can be transformed into healthy and delicious meals. Local chef Gregg Van Hierden will work magic using the grocery store donations with the goal of inspiring all of us to take a second look in our refrigerators and pantries before we throw food into the compost bin.

Inspired by the immense amount of food waste that is generated every day, this discussion will no doubt be a spicy one!

Consider this:

  • Wasting food squanders all the resources it took to grow or produce that sustenance in the first place.
  • Households in Canada on average waste $28 worth of food each week ($1456 annually).
  • North American families throw out approximately 25 percent of the food and beverages they buy.
  • About two-thirds of household waste is due to food spoilage from not being used in time, and other one-third is caused by cooking or serving too much.
  • More than $31 billion worth of food is wasted every year in Canada and when energy, water and other resource costs are factored in the true cost could be up to three times that much.
  • If food waste were a country, it would be the third largest producer of greenhouse gases in the world, after China and the U.S., says the United Nations
  • In Squamish, organic waste makes up the highest percentage of what goes into our landfill, and becomes a major source of methane emissions.

Learn more about how to reduce your own wasted food at