Turtle Trail

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The Turtle Trail was inspired by the “Bright New Day” workshop held at Totem Hall in February 2012. The 80-person, two-day gathering recommended Squamish develop a Truth and Reconciliation Trail.

The circular Turtle Trail is modelled on the indigenous sharing/healing circle. Its intention is to build enduring community relationships through sharing stories/experiences/truths. Planned interpretive kiosks will touch on the diversity of Squamish: multiple histories, cultures, governance, environment, and social networks. The Turtle Trail is an invitation to explore Squamish’s past, present, and future.

The Turtle Trail connects five major Squamish landmarks and identifies access points to additional trail networks. From an eagle’s view, the trail resembles a turtle.

Trail information

  • 11.5 km
  • East side - mostly paved
  • West side - mostly gravel


Turtle Trail Map

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