Community Parks & Trail Maintenance

The District Parks system includes neighbourhood parks and trails in residential areas, larger municipal parks that offer areas for a specific activity or protect a natural feature, and community parks that provide large open spaces for sports activities and to meet overall community needs.

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The public washrooms, change rooms, garbage collection within the parks system, tennis courts, sports fields and playground maintenance, graffiti removal, parking lot cleaning (associated with a park), and skate park are just some of the areas that our staff maintain.

The Parks division cares for ornamental gardens, natural ecosystems, downtown landscape planters and hanging baskets, sport and entertainment venues and playgrounds for recreational and cultural enjoyment, and preserves and enhances green spaces on public lands, including more than 30 District parks.

In addition to horticulture, arboriculture, park construction, repair and maintenance, the Parks division is responsible for park design, landscape architecture, greenway development, sports fields and the Mount Garibaldi Cemetery.

Our staff work 364 days a year. The workload shifts depending on seasonal activities and weather patterns. During the summer months, we focus on playgrounds, tennis courts, public washrooms, garbage collection, and other areas that will enhance the experience people will have within our parks system. During the winter months, we spend time on playground upgrades, pathway maintenance, servicing change rooms, and improvements to other areas.

Due to the nature and scope of the work, we cannot provide daily attention to the entire inventory. We strive to provide a safe and clean environment for all our users. Unfortunately, at times, some people choose to use our facilities in a manner that leaves them in a condition that is not acceptable for the next user. To contact us regarding the condition of, or request maintenance for a particular area, please call us at 604.815.6868.