Plume zone

April 20, 4 p.m. update:

All School District 48 school playgrounds have now been pressure-washed though a combination of DOS and School Board efforts. All District of Squamish playgrounds will also have been washed down as of Monday evening (both within the 'official' plume area, and outside of it).


As a precautionary measure, Vancouver Coastal Health is recommending all playground equipment and outdoor toys directly downwind of the smoke plume zone be hosed down with water. There is no known risk. VCH recommendation is being done out a complete abundance of caution. The District Operations crews are hosing District of Squamish and School District playgrounds.
VCH made the recommendation out of an excess of caution because:

  • Potential toxins from the fire smoke may have settled on the equipment.
  • Young children frequently put their fingers in their mouths, therefore those children using the equipment may be exposed to the particulate matter.
  • Because of their smaller body mass, children are more vulnerable than adults, and are considered a vulnerable population.




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