Yard Waste Collection

SLRD love this place logo5The Yard Waste Collection program has now been replaced by the tote-based Organics Collection program.  

Organics totes are collected by trucks with auto-load arms operated by a single driver. These trucks are lower cost to operate but cannot collect yard waste bags, bins or bundles - only totes.

Please ensure your yard waste/organics totes are closed at the time of collection. Totes with flipped back lids and tree branches longer than 24" or greater than 2" in diameter can both damage the bearproof banding on your tote and disable the truck. Any overfilled totes will be marked indicating "oversized yard waste" and will not be serviced on collection day. 

If you have more yard waste than you can fit in your tote, you can stockpile it until you can fit it in your tote at a later date, use a backyard composter, leave grass clippings on the lawn, take it to the Squamish Landfill Public Depot for a small fee, or ask your neighbours if they have any extra space. Thank you for your assistance and cooperation!