Holiday Waste Reduction Tips

For many of us, our most cherished memories don’t involve piles of plastic and tinsel and leftover food. Instead, we tend to reflect on time spent with friends and family celebrating the spirit of the season.

If you could do just one thing differently to create memories and reduce waste this holiday season, what would it be?

Here are resources full of creative gift ideas, tips for gift wrapping and ideas for celebrating the season. 

 Gift ideas:

  • Brennan Park winter programs are out, give the gift of healthy and active living
  • Experiences. Many memories are of activities and time spent with others. Help your friends and loved ones keep their livings spaces clutter-free by giving experiences that last. 
  • Gifts that last. Family portraits, things for travel or cooking. 
  • Make your own. Create a memory book, family tree or activity book. In Squamish there are a lot of business that offer workshops on making lip balm, bath salts, soap, etc. where you can learn a skill and make your own gifts.
  • Second-hand gifts. Buying second-hand saves money and cuts down on all the stuff that we give every year that ends up as clutter, and eventually, waste! Imagine how much "stuff" would be kept out of the landfill if everyone you knew gave just one second-hand gift this year?

Gift wrap ideas:

  • Decorate newspaper and brown paper bags
  • Use old maps and calendars
  • Make gift bags out of cereal or cracker boxes
  • Sew reusable bags out of old cloth, sheets or pillow cases
  • Check out The Sharing Depot for more ideas!

waste reduction

Santa’s residential recycling checklist:

(reuse, drop-off or garbage)

(put in residential recycling)

Non-paper gift wrap (e.g. foil or plastic) Paper gift wrap without scotch tape
Ribbons or bows Paper greeting cards and gift tags
Musical greeting cards with batteries Cardboard boxes flattened
Styrofoam, plastic bags – drop off at GFL Environmental Metal cookies/sweets containers
Ornaments of any kind Rigid plastic packaging 

Tree Recycling

Christmas trees may be disposed of by:

  • Chipped by the Squamish Scouts! Recycle your tree by bringing it to a location TBA to be chipped.Remember to remove all tinsel and decorations.
  • Including it in your Organics tote by doing the following:
    • Remove all tinsel and decorations
    • Cut off all branches
    • Cut the tree trunk to no longer than 3 feet and no more than 3 inches in diameter
    • Ensure all pieces easily fit into the tote, allowing the lid to close and lock