Online Services

We are working to expand the online services available through eCommerce and MyCity self-serve portals.

Online Account Services

MyCity provides access to your Property Taxes, Utilities, Building Permits, Planning Applications and Business Licence accounts. 

On MyCity, you can:

  • View account information.
  • Sign up to received invoices and notices by email.
  • View status of applications and milestones (including inspections in progress and pre-occupancy checklist detail).

If you have a recreation program registration account, you can use the same login to access MyCity.


Property tax and utility accounts

Login to MyCity then register your accounts. You can sign up for ebilling when registering your accounts.

  • Utilities: Use the account number and access code on your utility bill. 

  • Property taxes: Use the folio number and access code on your property tax notice.



Access MyCity


Have questions or need help? View the MyCity User Guide or see the FAQs below.

Online Payments

eCommerce is an easy, convenient and secure online service to make one-time payments by credit card. A login is not required.

You can make payments for the following:

You will need your account number or licence number and the access code that is printed on your invoice.

Make a payment


If you do not have your access code available, please contact [email protected].

You will need your ticket number (e.g SQ12345) or licence plate number.

Make a payment

You can pay for:

  • Dog Licences
  • Impound Fees
  • Replacement Dog Tags

Make a payment

You will need the account number from your invoice. If you do not have your invoice, please contact Animal Control by email or phone 604-815-6866

If your dog is not yet licensed, please visit the Dog Licences page.


Please note: Property taxes and utilities cannot be paid through the eCommerce site.

Questions? Please see the MyCity Frequently Asked Questions below.

Online Applications & Requests

Apply, upload required documentation and pay (if applicable). Please note: Incomplete applications will not be processed.

Permit applications or requests currently available through eApply:

  • Sign Permits
  • Building Requests for Information
  • Pre-applications
  • Water On/Off
  • Demolitions (Residential)
  • Plumbing Only.

Access eApply

For all other applications, please visit the Applications, Guides and Forms page.

Questions? Please see the eApply Frequently Asked Questions below.

Online Inspection Booking

eInspections provides current building customers with a quick and convenient online way to book, cancel or reschedule inspections, up to 14 days in advance.  Changes or cancellations can be made until the day before.

Pre-Occupancy meetings, Suite Decommission & Business Licence inspections are booked by phone. Please call the building department at 604-815-6872.

Book an inspection


Questions? Please see the eInspections Frequently Asked Questions below.

MyCity and eCommerce Frequently Asked Questions

This self-service site allows residents to view their account information for Property Taxes and Utilities,  Building & Planning permits and Business Licensing accounts.  Residents can also sign up to receive invoicing by email for accounts.

We have implemented a "Single Sign-On" system which enables users to create one District of Squamish account and use those login credentials to access a number of services. Future phases will add additional online services.

If you have previously created a District of Squamish Online Recreation account then you can use the same login to access MyCity Otherwise create an account now. From there you can complete your MyCity profile and register your PID, account or folder number (Building or Planning Application/Permit) with your access code.

The access code can be found on recent your most recent notice, reminders or upcoming renewal notices. For Building or Planning Applications the access code is provided by email, typically during the completion of application intake.

You can view account information, notices, transaction history for:

  • Property Tax
  • Utilities
  • Business Licence
  • Building and Planning folder
    • Application information and details, which include the status of application and its milestone tasks (including inspections progress), dates and any outstanding fees and deposits.

For Business Licences, Property Taxes and Utilities you will also be able to “opt in” to paperless invoicing and reminders.

Yes, you can pay for your Business Licence and/or Bylaw Enforcement Notice(Bylaw Ticket) using an accepted credit card. There are no surcharges at this time.

Please note payments over $2,000 are not accepted through the online system, and we are not able to process partial payments.

Credit card payments (online or in-person) are not accepted for Tax and Utilities at this time.

eCommerce is an online system that allows payment of some District of Squamish services by credit card.

Once logged into MyCity you will need to complete the one-time step to register your account (Property Taxes, Utilities, Business Licence) or your folder (Building or Planning development application or permit) using the provided access code.

At this time, access codes are provided to customers by staff for permits and development applications.

Access codes will also be on reminder notices for Property Taxes, Utilities and Business Licences.

The system will list other folders and accounts that are related to the property associated to the account or folder you’re registering. This is to make the registration process easier as you will not need to search for other accounts that you might wish to register at the same time.

If you select the related account and have the access code for that account or folder you will be able to register it to your account as well.

Information prior to 2021 is not viewable as it exists in our legacy systems, which do not offer online services.

The long-term plan is to include eApply and eInspection services for development related permits.

Please email:

Building: [email protected]

Planning:  [email protected]

Business Licence:  [email protected]

Property Taxes: [email protected]

Utilities: [email protected]

Feedback is welcomed on the value of information provided, for example, was it easy to sign on and register your account, and general comments about this service.

For Building or Planning applications,  access codes are provided by staff via email.

For Property Taxes and Utility billing, the access code can be found on your Property Tax notices, Utility bills and recent reminder notices.

eApply Frequently Asked Questions

eApply is a self-service site that allows residents to apply for some building permits and planning applications online.

Business Licences will be added to this service in a future phase.

Sign Permits, Building RFIs, Pre-applications, Water On/Off, Demolitions (Residential), and Plumbing Only. eApply services are being developed and more applications will be added in the future. For all other applications visit the Application guides, forms and resources page.

Not all applications are available online at this time. eApply services are being developed and more applications will be added in the future. For all other applications please visit the Application guides, forms and resources page.

No. You can submit applications as a guest without registering for a MyCity account.

Using a MyCity account helps you save time during the application process, view some permit types, and track the permit processing.

You can pay for your application fees online at the time of submission. Other fees for Building and Planning are not accepted online at this time.

eInspection Frequently Asked Questions

All inspections inspections except the following can be scheduled online:  pre-occupancy meetings, suite decommission, and business licence inspections can be scheduled online.

For  pre-occupancy meetings, suite decommission, and business licence inspections, please call the building department at 604-815-6872

Yes, you can book, reschedule or cancel an inspection using the online eInspections portal.

No, you can only book, cancel, or reschedule an inspection online until noon on the previous business day.

If you need to cancel or reschedule an inspection after this time, please call the building department at 604-815-6872 and we will be happy to help reschedule or cancel your inspection for you.

You can book online up to 14 days in advance.    

Your Building Permit number and access code can be found in the email you received when your building permit was approved.

If your approval email did not contain an access code, please email us at [email protected] to obtain one.

If the date you are looking for is unavailable, then all of the inspection slots for that day are already full, or it is too late to book online for that day.