Fire Permits

Campfire ban is lifted as of Monday, September 20 at noon

In order to maintain fire safety within the District of Squamish boundaries, you are required to obtain a permit authorized by Squamish Fire Rescue for the activities listed below.

Residential Campfire Permit

Campfires are for the personal enjoyment of a fire by friends and family on residential property. If you are not the property owner, written consent must be submitted to the Fire Chief for review and approval of permit.

The campfire permit form is only available when there is no ban in effect

 LEARN MORE AND Apply for a permit

Fireworks Permit

Residents are reminded that fireworks are no longer permitted except for special celebratory holidays such as Halloween and New Year's Eve, at the discretion of the Fire Chief.

  • Permit applications will become available close to the holiday date.

 Wood Burning Appliance Permit

All wood burning appliances (ie: woodstoves, fireplace inserts, etc.) within the District of Squamish require a permit. Appliances must be inspected by a Wood Energy Technology Transfer (WETT) certified technician. In order to obtain your permit you must submit a copy of your WETT certificate, along with two digital photographs of the installation, to Squamish Fire Rescue. Cost of permit is $20.00, payable by cash, credit, debit or cheque.

If you require more information, please contact our office at 604.898.9666.


The following are strictly prohibited within the District of Squamish boundaries.

  • Fires in any public space (ie: riverbanks, mountainside, beaches).
  • Open Air Burning, including but not limited to, yard waste, garden debris and construction materials.