Fire Safety Plans

Section 2.8 of the B.C. Fire Code sets the requirements for fire safety plans in buildings.

A Fire Safety Plan has three primary objectives:     

  1. Outlines measures/procedures to control fire hazards.       
  2. Provides direction to staff on maintaining fire protection systems.        
  3. Gives occupants direction on emergency evacuation procedures. 

Fire Prevention Officers' association of British Columbia Fire Safety Plan Guidelines web link.

Occupancies required by British Columbia Fire Code to have a Fire Safety Plan

  1. Have a fire alarm system.       
  2. Are four or more stories high.      
  3. Have five or more suites sharing an exit, and/or have locks to keep residents indoors such as care homes or institutions.
  4. Areas where flammable liquids are stored or handled.
  5. Areas where Hazardous processes occur including, Combustible dust, Flammable liquids, Combustible liquids.  
  6. Construction sites,Demolition sites regulated under BCFC 5.6

The Squamish Fire Department must review and accept your Fire Safety Plan. As per schedule 9 of the District of Squamish Fees and Charges Bylaw, there is an initial $100 acceptance fee. A copy must be kept on site and available for the fire department. Review the plan annually and immediately inform the Squamish fire department of any changes. If you do not have a Fire Safety Plan and one is required, contact the Squamish fire department, or a Fire Protection Consultant for assistance developing one.