District of Squamish Utilities (Water, Sewer, and Solid Waste) are billed annually. Utilities and property taxes are combined into one invoice for residential property owners (single homes or strata units). Secondary suites/Carriage House/Commercial will receive a separate utilities invoice.

Deadline to pay without penalty:  The property tax and utilities payment deadline for 2021 is July 2, 2021.  

5 steps to paying it right

Confused by two bills on one invoice? Here are five steps to paying both bills on time:

  1. Look for your combined Property Tax Notice /Utility bill in your mailbox in May.
  2. Make note of your property tax amount owing.
  3. Make note of your Utility amount owing.
  4. Apply for your homeowner grant to offset your property taxes.
  5. Pay BOTH payments (each requires a separate payment to two different account numbers). 

Utility Rates 

  • 2021 Utility fees:
    • Water:  $490 (residential unit). 
    • Sewer: $595 (residential unit). 
    • Solid Waste (curbside collection): $200 (small garbage tote size), $345 (medium), $540 (large).
  • 2020 Utility fees:
    • Water: $490 (residential unit)
    • Sewer: $595 (residential unit)
    • Solid Waste (curbside collection): $200 (small garbage tote size), $295 (medium), $460 (large).

Payment options

  • Property taxes can be incorporated into a mortgage payment, but financial institutions DO NOT pay utility fees, only property taxes. Taxpayers must pay their own utility fees to avoid paying a penalty.
  • To avoid a large one-time payment, monthly installment payments can be made to the District of Squamish Property Tax and Utility Accounts prior to the due date.
  • Alternatively, consider setting up your own monthly savings plan through a separate savings account and then transfer a lump sum to the District by the deadline.
  • Pay using telephone or Internet banking services provided by banks and credit unions (does not include over-the-counter payments at the bank or automated teller machines - please check with your banking service). If paying by this process, ensure there is enough time for the bank to post the payment to the District of Squamish before the deadline.
  • In-person at Municipal Hall, 37955 Second Avenue, Squamish. (Subject to COVID-19 restrictions and Municipal Hall hours of operation.)
  • Mail or deliver a cheque to Municipal Hall early enough to be received before the deadline (No post-dated cheques please).
  • Deposit payment in the drop box at Municipal Hall on or before the deadline. 

Quick utilities facts

  • 2021 Utility fees:
    • Water: $490 (residential unit)
    • Sewer: $595 (residential unit)
    • Solid Waste (curbside collection): $200 (small garbage tote size), $345 (medium), $540 (large).
  • The Water and Sewer Utility rates will not increase in 2021 due to the stable nature of their funding and the significant Solid Waste rate increases.
  • The Solid Waste Utility Fee for a small garbage tote will remain at $200 for 2021, while the fees for medium and large garbage totes will increase to $345 (from $295) and $540 (from $460), respectively. These increases are necessary in order to cover financing costs for the Landfill vertical expansion, and increasing costs for solid waste services and material diversion.
  • Once the budget is finalized, the tax requisition is defined and the tax (or mill) rates are set, Property Tax and Utility Notices are mailed in May. Increased home assessments do not equate to the same percentage increase in property taxes. The District of Squamish continues to work toward responsible budgets and five year financial plans to effectively and responsibly manage the growing community.


Frequently asked questions

Please see our Frequently Asked Questions for more information, or contact us at 604.815.5010 or by email.