Garbage Tote Size Selection

The deadline to request to change your garbage tote size for 2018 is September 30.

If you'd like a larger or smaller garbage tote in 2018, please complete the form below. Note that the solid waste utility fees below apply to 2017.  

There is a $28 fee to change your tote size.

Solid Waste Utility fees vary based on which garbage tote size you choose. There is no additional cost for recycling and organics collection – these costs are included in the Solid Waste Utility fee regardless of which size garbage tote you choose.

  • *Note: The form must be completed once for each dwelling unit that receives service. If there are two suites in a house, the property owner must submit the form two times.
  • Change requests cannot be accepted by telephone. Only property owners, including landlords, can request a change. Your 2018 Utilities bill will reflect your new solid waste fee (based on the tote size change) and the change fee.

  • Organics and recycling tote size changes cannot be accommodated through the District of Squamish Utilities Fees at this time.

  • Please visit our Tote Exchange and Solid Waste Fees Frequently Asked Questions for more information. 

*2018 Annual Fees will be determined as part of the 2018 Budget process. 

Tote Size

 2017 Annual Fees
(approved by Council 
December 20, 2016)

2016 Annual Fees 




















Garbage Tote Size Selection Form

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