Cycling in Squamish

Cycling in Squamish is more than just mountain bike trails. For example, did you know you can commute from Valley Drive all the way to Brackendale on the vehicle-free, paved Corridor Trail? If you are looking for information on mountain bike trails, Tourism Squamish has you covered. Cycling is permitted on all roads in Squamish, even those without bike lanes or infrastructure.

View the cycling map for information about routes, cycling infrastructure, and useful tips. Physical copies can be picked up at the Adventure Centre, the Squamish Library, or at local bike shops. You can also view the Cycling Routes Interactive Map. 

We also have Safe Routes to School maps to find a safe route for students to get to and from their schools. Cycling is permitted on all roads in Squamish, even those without bike lanes or infrastructure.

If you have a road maintenance concern, contact Operations by phone (604.815.6868 or 604.815.4040) or use the online comment form.

Check out the NEW Cycling MAP

Bike Safety

Before getting out on your bike, make sure it is in safe working order. If you are uncertain, take it to one of the local bike shops for a tune-up. Call ahead to see when they can take a look at your bike. 

Be visible when riding! Put lights on your bike, and wear reflective clothing if possible. The Be Bright at Night page has more tips on being reflective.  

If you are new to biking (or just need a refresher!), take a look at the B.C.’s Bicycle operator’s Manual, or ICBC to learn the rules of the road, proper bike handling, traffic skills and how to enjoy safe cycling.

Learning to Bike

There are lots of options to help kids get comfortable riding their bikes, both around town and on the trails. The latest Recreation Guide has details on all the bike classes. 

Bikes on Transit

Are you interested in bike commuting but don’t feel like climbing the hill home at the end of the day?  All Squamish Transit buses are loaded with bike racks. Check out this short video from the Greater Phoenix Metro Area on how to load your bike onto a public transit bike rack or see the infographic below. Find out when your next bus is coming on BC Transit’s website.