École Squamish Elementary Access During Construction

The District of Squamish is working with the Jumar developer and School District No. 48 to ensure safe and adequate access to École Squamish Elementary for all students, teachers and parents. Your child’s safety is paramount to our efforts and we are working closely with the school’s administration to address any concerns or questions. Below is some information to address some of the questions and concerns we have heard to date.

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Construction topics and questions

  • Temporary access
    • The main vehicle access to the school from Buckley Avenue is currently getting repaved to alleviate mud and dust during the construction phase. The newly paved, original entrance will be open again to the public before school starts on Tuesday, September 4. The repaving is temporary asphalt and the road will be repaved again towards the completion of the project.
    • The multi-use pathway from the Buckley crosswalk to the school is temporarily closed this week (week of August 27) for paving. The original gravel pathway will become a three-metre wide asphalt multi-use pathway ready for the first day of school. The pathway will be separated from the construction site by a temporary but secure chain link fence.
  • Pedestrian/cycling pathways
    • Pedestrians and cyclists will be able to access the school safely via Buckley Avenue (crosswalk) and Cleveland Avenue (Discovery Trail entrance). For the safety of students, the Buckley Avenue vehicle access to the school should be reserved for vehicles only.  More signage and barricades will be installed to improve navigation and safety leading up to the first day of school. 
    • The District’s Active Transportation initiatives include building a brand new asphalt multi-use path between École Squamish Elementary and Carson Place travelling in front of Howe Sound Secondary School. The new pathway will provide a safe and separated pedestrian and cycling connection from the high school to the elementary school. The path is anticipated to be completed this fall.

    Please see map for routes and more information. (Click to enlarge)

     Squamish Elementary School Access 08282018

  • Safe routes and drop-off alternatives
    • Please click on the link for access to the Best Routes to School Map for Squamish Elementary. A reminder to all new and returning families that École Squamish Elementary has designated best walking and cycling routes to school and that safe walking and biking access to the school will remain open during construction. 
    • “Drive-to-5” locations (enabling you to avoid school congestion by parking a five-minute walk away) offer alternatives to avoid entering the school property by car. Drive-to-5 locations are Carson Place (between Howe Sound Secondary School and the skate park) and Third Avenue (back of Save on Foods parking lot). See map for routes. 

    Squamish Elementary School Access 08282018

  • Noise
    • To prepare this site for development, the construction team is currently removing existing soil and filling it with dense structural soil. This process was chosen for its quick timeline and least amount of noise (no pile driving).
    • The majority of the louder site preparation noise (sheet piling) has already been completed. Continued soil removal and concrete pouring will result in consistent moderate background noise from trucks coming in and out. Once concrete has been poured the noise level will dissipate and be less consistent.
    • The cranes proposed are electric and are not expected to produce noise while moving equipment and materials around the site.
    • During construction, loud voices will be reduced to a minimum through the use of radios and proper supervision.
    • The District Noise Bylaw allows for construction noise between 7 a.m. and 8 p.m. on Monday to Friday during school hours, Saturday between 8 a.m. and 7 p.m. and Sunday and holidays between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.
    • The construction team has agreed to inform the school principal when any perceived “louder” construction is scheduled, and will otherwise keep noise in moderation to be of the least nuisance possible during school hours.
  • Dust
    • Dust is typically a concern during the dry summer months. The District has informed the construction team that soil excavation should be continuously watered down to control dust. If no water can be observed on site to control dust and dust is a nuisance, please call the District at 604.892.5217. The District can fine the developer $500 per day and per offence if water is not being used to control dust.
    • Excavation will continue for a few more weeks after school has started, after which point all new soil will be dense structural soil (which requires watering for compaction) and therefore will cause less dust concern for the remainder of the project.
  • Construction personnel
    • No construction personnel should be on school property at any time unless for planned reasons where the school principal has been notified, this includes the personal vehicles of construction personnel.
    • If you notice the construction team or their vehicles on school property please inform the school principal or contact the construction site supervisor directly whose 24-hr contact number will be posted on the Building Permit placard on the construction site.
  • Contact the District of Squamish

    Kerry Hamilton, District of Squamish Planner: 604.815.4965 or by email