Pool & Ice Arena

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Weekly Ice Schedule


To accommodate school group bookings and special events, Squamish Recreation Services will be publishing the arena schedule online on a weekly basis.

View Proof of Vaccination Requirements for arena programs and activities.

Skate Rental Prices:
Children & Youth: $2.50
Adult: $5.00

Ice Schedule: January 16-31
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Weekly Pool Schedule

Brennan Park Aquatic Centre is open.

  • NEW (December 22):
    • Proof of vaccination is now required by order of the Public Health Office for all those entering the pool premises including changerooms.
    • The hot tub and teach pool are required to operate at 50% capacity:
      • Teach pool - 19 people maximum
      • Hot tub - 9 people maximum 

What you should know:

  • Reservations are not required; drop-in visits only. 
  • All amenities are open for public use. This includes:
    • Hot tub;
    • Steam room;
    • Change rooms.
  • Pool capacity limits may incur wait times.
  • Proof of vaccination is now required (as of Dec 22) for participants of swimming lessons or public swims (over 12 years old), and those wishing to use the hot tub or steam room. 
  • Parents/caregivers and spectators who are watching from the Aquatic Centre viewing area must also provide proof of vaccination.
  • Restrictions requiring parents to be in the water with their child during swimming lesson have been lifted.
  • Lane swimming will be accommodated as swimming lesson capacity allows.
  • Masks are required in all common spaces within Brennan Park Recreation Centre, including lobbies, washrooms, activity rooms, for those aged 5 and older.

Weekly Pool Schedule - January 16 to 22
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Wait Times at Brennan Park Aquatic Centre: What you need to know

Squamish Recreation Services Staff work to schedule the pool based on Lifeguard availability and according to anticipated community use now that drop-in pool access has resumed. 

Pool capacity on a typical weekday evening and weekend is between 100 to 150 people and customer wait times vary depending on peak days and times. Once the pool has been brought to capacity, a wait time of up to 90 minutes can be expected. Wait times are based on Lifeguard to swimmer ratios.

Squamish Recreation Services Staff and our team of Lifeguards assess pool capacity in 15-minute increments in order to determine how many additional swimmers may enter the pool, based on the number of lifeguards on the pool deck.

Lifeguard Swimmer Ratios

The District of Squamish adheres to capacity limits and Lifeguard-swimmer ratios set by Lifesaving Society Canada in order to maintain a safe level of supervision at the Brennan Park Aquatic Centre. Lifeguard ratios are determined by water surface areas and the number of recreational swimmers so that Lifeguards can supervise all areas of the pool that are accessible to bathers/swimmers during recreational swim periods.

Lifesaving Society Canada’s National Safety Standards are developed using Coroners’ recommendations, the latest evidence-based research, and reflect the aquatic industry’s best practices to prevent drownings and aquatic-related injuries in aquatic environments. The ratio of one Lifeguard for every 50 patrons (1:50) is the ratio determined by the Health Act, and is the recommended ratio set for our certifications through the Lifesaving Society.

Squamish Recreation Services offers Lifeguard certification programs to ensure local access to a qualified, consistent Lifeguard base necessary in order maintain the minimum 1:50 Lifeguard to bather requirement. To learn more about our programs visit squamish.ca/rec or contact our Customer Service team at 604.898.3604.