Pool Reopening FAQ

Squamish Recreation Services is excited to welcome the community back to Brennan Park Recreation Centre. We will be taking a gradual approach to reintroducing programming and activities in the swimming facility in accordance with Vancouver Coastal Health, the Provincial Health Authority and British Columbia Recreation and Parks Association (BCRPA) Restarting Guidelines. Please take a moment to browse our frequently asked questions and learn about new COVID-19 protocols before you plan your visit.

Visiting the Pool:

Do I have to register?
Yes. All pool users will be required to register in advance. Same day registration is now available online. Drop-in visits are still not permitted at this time. Thanks for being patient.

How can I register for a swim?
Visit squamishlive.ca to register for a swim. If you have any difficulties, please give our Customer Service team a call at 604.898.3604.

What if I do not have a login ID or Family pin?
Please call the Brennan Park Recreation Centre customer service desk at 604.898.3604 and you will be set up with a login ID and Family pin.

I already have a membership, what is going to happen to it?
Recreation Services placed a hold on all 1 month, 3 month and 1 year memberships that were current the day we closed. That means the remaining value of your membership on March 16, 2020 hasn’t changed. These memberships will remain on hold for you until the Province is able to move into Phase 4 of the COVID Re-Start program. If you are happy to leave your membership on hold, you’re done - you don’t have to do a thing. When the Province moves to Phase 4, we’ll reactivate all memberships at the same value as of March 16.

I have an existing 10 & 20 visit card, can I still use those visits?
Customers with existing 10 & 20 visit cards can use them to book spots in the lane swimming or aquafit sessions. To do this, call us at 604.898.3604. As long as a spot is available, we will book you into the time you’d like and remove one visit from your card (the same thing we’d do if you forgot your swipe card in the past). These visit cards do not expire.

Can I use my membership to book a swim online?
Memberships cannot be applied to online registrations at this time, which is how all pool access will be organized this Fall. Unfortunately, the online system requires payment to complete a transaction. For more details please visit our Fees and Membership Page

I’ve registered for a swim, How do I proceed to the pool?
All pool users will be asked to enter Brennan Park Recreation Centre through the south pool lobby entrance doors, as indicated on the map below, where a greeter will ask COVID-19 screening questions. Please do not enter the building until 10 minutes before your swim. When asked to enter, pool users will immediately proceed to the pool viewing area entrance. A lifeguard will meet you to review the pool rules, confirm your registration, and check your name off the attendance list. Please arrive at your registered time. Late entry will not be permitted.

What are the new rules for visiting the pool?

  •  Please come dressed and ready to swim, be prepared to go home with your swimsuit on, and leave your valuables at home. There is limited access to change rooms and washrooms.
  • Lockers will remain closed. Bring all belongings with you to the pool deck.
  • Bring your own equipment, but only what you need.
    • Snorkels are not permitted.
    • Running belts, pool noodles, kickboards, aquafit equipment are not available.
    • Pool toys are not permitted. No towel rentals will be available.
  • ‘Bubble’ swims are limited to 36 people. Lap swimming is limited to 12 people. A 'bubble' is defined as six people or less from the same household or social group. 
  • No lane available during ‘Bubble’ Swims.
  • Please bring your own pre-filled water bottle. Water fountains remain closed.
  • Hot tub, and sauna remain closed.
  • Enter pool deck through the viewing area doors, and leave through the family room moving around the pool in a clockwise direction.
  • No drop-in spaces.
  • No waitlists available.
  • No refunds for reservations once booked.

Are the hot tub and sauna open?
The hot tub is open and is available to book as a Family Bubble Swim. The sauna will remain closed at this time.

Is the teach pool open?
Yes, the teach pool is open. It can be booked as its own bubble.

Will I still be able to place my belongings in lockers?
No. Lockers are high-touch surfaces, making it difficult to thoroughly disinfect between each use and will remain closed. Individual baskets will be available on deck to place your belongings in. Please leave all valuables at home.

Can I watch my children swim from the viewing area?
To limit the number of people in the facility and to encourage proper social distancing, you can no longer enter the pool to watch your family swim. This includes during Swim Kids lessons. Only registered patrons or those needing to access our Customer Service desk will be able to enter the building. Public washrooms are available in the west parking lot Field House building.

* Minimum of one adult in the water for every three children under the age of seven still applies and children must be in arms reach at all times

Am I able to rent a room for a birthday party?
No. There are no room rentals at this time.

Are the water fountains open?
No. Water fountains will remain closed at this time. Please bring your own pre-filled water bottle. 

Will the change room showers be open?
No. Please come dressed and ready to swim, and be prepared to go home with swimsuit on. The sauna shower on deck will be available for pre-rinse. 

Will there be access to washrooms?
Yes. Both the men’s and women’s change rooms washrooms will be open during swim times.

What will lane swimming now look like?
Each designated lane swim will be 45 minutes long. Swimmers must be 16 years of age or older to attend lane swim. There will be three double lanes available with a maximum of four swimmers per lane. Where possible, during other programming, single lanes will be made available. (One swimmer per single lane will be permitted during these times.)

What is a ‘Bubble’ swim?
A ‘Bubble’ is defined as a group of six people or less who are from the same household. Each ‘Bubble’ swim will be 60 minutes long with a maximum of 30 people in the pool. At least one responsible adult over the age of 16 must be part of the group and a minimum of one adult must be in the water for every three children under the age of seven still applies. All children under the age of seven must be in arms reach of an adult in the water. When registering for a Bubble swim you will have the choice of registering for one of three pool areas:

  1. The beach area (shallow water near the umbrella)
  2. The shallow end of main pool
  3. The deep end of main pool (includes diving board access)
  4. The teach pool

Welcome back to your Aquafit class! There will be a maximum of twelve participants per class. Each class will be 45 minutes allowing an extra ten minutes for participants to exit the pool and facility. All classes will be taught by an instructor on deck and no equipment will be used. Physical distancing of a minimum of two metres is mandatory at all times.

Wheelchair Accessibility
We continue to encourage wheelchair users to join our swims. Pool wheelchairs will still be available to use, however, lifeguards will no longer be able to help transfer patrons into the chair. We encourage a family member or aide to assist in this process.

Am I still able to register my child with the Whistler Adaptive private lessons?
No. Unfortunately at this time we cannot safely offer Whistler Adaptive lessons.

Swim Lessons:

Swim lessons will begin on Monday, October 19. Lessons will be available to view online October 8 and will open for registration on Tuesday, October 13. In accordance to the Canadian Red Cross Water Safety Instructor COVID guidelines, the following modifications have been made to ensure the safety of both instructor and child:

  • All swim lessons will be taught with an instructor on deck.
  • All preschool swim levels (Starfish/Duck, Splash’n Play and Sea Turtle/Sea Otter) will be mandatory parent/caregiver participation. The parent/caregiver is now accountable for ensuring the child is safe in the water, which reduces contact with the instructor.
  • For all preschool levels, it must be a one-to-one ratio of child-to-parent/caregiver in the water during the entire duration of the lesson.
  • Swim Kids 5-10 lessons are conducted without a parent/caregiver and the instructor will teach on deck. This will ensure physical distancing for all swimmers and instructor.
  • Swim Kids 7-10 will now be offered as two separate classes: SK 7 & 8 and SK 9 & 10.
  • Parents are not allowed to stay and watch lessons from the viewing area at this time.
  • If you cannot remember the last level your child completed, please call Customer Service at 604.898.3604 and we will be happy to look that up for you.

Health and Safety:

Can COVID-19 be spread through pool water?
There is no evidence that COVID-19 can be spread to humans through pool water. Proper operation, maintenance, and disinfection (e.g., with chlorine and bromine) of pools should inactivate the virus that causes COVID-19. Appropriate care should be taken both in and outside the pool, to protect yourself and others.

What are the steps Recreation Services has taken to ensure everyone’s safety?
A detailed Pool Safety Plan has been created in accordance with Vancouver Coastal Health and the Lifesaving Society of BC & Yukon with the following COVID-19 protocols:

  • Reduced swimmer capacity
  • Limited swim times
  • A 15-minute gap between each swim to allow for disinfection of high-touch surface areas
  • Additional 30-minute mid-day thorough cleaning of the washrooms.
  • Mandatory advanced registration
  • One-way traffic around pool deck perimeter
  • All lifeguards are required to complete COVID-19 specific training prior to returning to work.