Contract Instructor Information


Squamish Recreation Services is looking for passionate, fun and community-minded individuals with the skills, knowledge and qualifications to instruct group programs, workshops or single/one-time events. If you’re interested in music and performing arts, fitness and/or other group program ideas for all ages, we’d love to hear from you!

If you are interested in working with us, please read through our Program Contract Instructor Information Brochure.

Program Approval Process

  1. Applicant: Complete Program Proposal Form - Part 1 and submit in person to Brennan Park Recreation Centre or email to
  2. Recreation Services: Reviews Program Proposal Form - Part 1. All applicants will be responded to. Successful applicants will be provided additional forms to complete and submit.
  3. Recreation Services: Once additional forms are submitted, a meeting is arranged to discuss the full scope of the proposal.
  4. Recreation Services: Contact applicant to confirm if program has been approved.
  5. Applicant: Complete any additional required documentation and submit prior to program start date.

Required Documentation

Contract Instructors teaching with Recreation Services are required to provide the following documentation once the proposed program has been approved and prior to the start of the program:

Submission Deadlines

The initial Program Proposal Form - Part 1 needs to be submitted by the deadline date in order to be considered for the next season. Submissions that do not meet the deadline will be considered in the following submission period. Program proposals are reviewed are they are received by Squamish Recreation Services staff. 

We welcome any and all applications. 


Programs run from

Content Deadline

Winter January to March October 15
Spring April to June January 15
Summer Camps July to August  February 15
Summer July to August  March 15
Fall September to December June 15