District of Squamish Municipal Campground

Situated in the heart of Squamish, the District’s Municipal campground is an affordable camping experience that offers the elements of nature with the convenience of being centrally located. It is an ideal spot to be Hardwired for Adventure in Squamish.

We are located off Hwy 99 at 39581 Loggers Lane between Finch Drive and Centennial Way only 5 minutes from downtown Squamish, 10 minutes for the Stawamus Chief Provincial Park and steps away from our local trail system and community recreation centre.

The campground

  • 35 grassy rustic single camp and 6 group camp sites
  • Site map

Dates of Operation 2018 Camping Season

  • April 12 - September 30, 2018


  • Rate - $26.25 per day/per site for the main campground sites and $60.10 for each group campsite.
  • Fees are payable on arrival by cash, credit card or debit card.
  • The maximum length of stay is 14 nights.
  • Check in and check out time is noon


  • Single campsite reservations is on a first come, first serve basis and no telephone reservations will be accepted.
  • Group campsites can be reserved by calling Brennan Park Recreation Centre at 604.898.3604. Emails and voicemail messages will not be considered reservations.
  • Municipal staff will check campsites daily for all valid permits/receipts.
  • The fees for the entire reservation are due upon arrival to secure the reservation and are non-refundable..

Campsite Single Site Registration - means up to six persons per campsite, of whom at least one, but no more than six, are 19 years old or older, and who may have with them;

  • one recreational vehicle, and one non-recreational vehicle, or
  • one non-recreational vehicle and one legally, towed trailer that
    is not a trailer primarily designed as temporary living quarters for recreational or travel use

Prior to occupying a campsite, the party must register at Brennan Park Recreation Centre’s front desk located at 1009 Centennial Way.Campsites are on a first-come, first-served basis and registration must be made in person.

Campsite Group Site Registration (Equals three Single campsites) - Group sites can be reserved by calling Brennan Park Recreation Centre at 604.898.3604. Emails and voicemail messages do not confirm reservations.

  • Fees are due as per the rental agreement.
  • Prior to occupying exclusive use to the campground and/or groups sites all signed rental agreements, insurance and payment must be provided to the District of Squamish and approved.
  • Group site and exclusive use cancellations are per the District of Squamish Fees and Charges Bylaw.

A person must not start or maintain a fire in the campground unless the fire is

  • in a fireplace provided by the operator,
  • not more than 0.5 metres in diameter and 0.5 metres in height; and
  • not subject to a fire ban.
  • A person who starts or maintains a fire must extinguish the fire when that person leaves the campfire unattended.
  • The Operator may at any time,
  • prohibit a fire in the campground,
  • extinguish a fire, or
  • require that a fire be contained within a device approved by the Operator.

Disturbance prohibited

Unless authorized by the Operator, a person or group must not create or cause a disturbance in the campground between the hours of 11 p.m. and 7 a.m. operate or permit another person to operate any device that produces sound at a level which a reasonable person would determine disturbs the peace and quiet of

  • an occupant of another campsite, or
  • an occupant of a property neighbouring the campground.

Controlled public access

  • A person must not, between the hours of 11 p.m. and 7 a.m. the following day, enter or remain in a campground except
  • a person who is the member of a registered party or
  • as authorized by the Operator.

Litter only in receptacle provided

  • A person must not deposit litter in the campground except in a receptacle provided for that purpose  by the operator;
  • If a receptacle is full or is not available, a person must not leave litter in the campground.

 Illegal parking and tow away

  • No vehicles are permitted in the campground:
  • without a valid insurance
  • unless the vehicle begins to a registered party or group
  • unless in a site designated by the Operator or signage
  • If a vehicle is stopped or parked in contravention of section 13 (1), the Operator may affect the removal of the vehicle to a place of impoundment and any costs incurred by that removal are the sole responsibility of the owner of the vehicle.

Control of domestic animals

  • Except as authorized by the Operator, a person must not allow a domestic animal to enter or remain in the campground unless
  • restrained by a leash not longer than two metres, or
  • confined in a camper, trailer, crate or enclosure
  • must not be confined in a car or truck
  • must not be left unattended whether confined or not
  • A person who has a domestic animal in the campground must dispose of animal waste in a manner and at a location where the waste will not cause a public inconvenience or annoyance.

Consumption of alcohol

  • Except as authorized by the Operator, a person must only consume alcohol within their registered campsite.


  • The District of Squamish is a Bear Smart Community please control your wildlife attractants and use bear-resistant food containers.  Coolers and tents are not bear proof.


  • The District of Squamish retains the right to evict or have removed any party or group acting contrary to any District Bylaw, Policy or law
  • Evictions are considered to be immediate unless otherwise stated by the Operator or RCMP
  • A person who is evicted is not entitled to a refund of any fee and will have belongings and or vehicle removed
  • A party or group evicted from the campsite may reapply to camp after not less than 72 hours.


The operator will check campground daily for compliance with District Bylaws and Policies

Click Here to Review the complete District of Squamish Municipal Campground Policy

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