Annual Pool Maintenance

This year the Brennan Park Recreation Centre pool will be closed for maintenance from September 4 through October 5. The fall pool schedule and swim lessons will resume on Sunday, October 6.

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2019 Aquatic Centre Maintenance

  • Why does the Aquatic Centre close for maintenance each year?

    The purpose of the closure is to:

    • Complete preventive maintenance on all areas of the Aquatic Centre – the pools, steam room, hot tub, change rooms and mechanical areas.
    • Inspect for damage and/or regular wear and replace parts as required.
    • Complete planned projects including major repairs or required upgrades which require turning off operating systems.

    The actions above are taken to ensure the longevity of the Aquatic Centre and to help prevent larger, more costly problems from occurring.

  • What will happen during this year's maintenance?

    The scope of work completed varies each year. During this year's four week closure:

    • All three pools will be drained and routine maintenance will include scrubbing and cleaning the tiles and grout, checking for broken or damaged tiles, grates and filters.
    • Routine preventive maintenance on boilers, pumps, HVAC systems.
    • Inspections and repairs on overhead play equipment.
    • Engineering review of rope swing and monkey bars.
    • Grouting in main pool.
    • Repairs to main pool floor inlets and umbrella play feature.
    • Additional grab bars installed in showers.
    • Safety fencing installed in the fitness zone.
  • Why is it common for pool facilities to complete annual maintenance at this time of year?

    There are a number of reasons pool facilities perform maintenance at this time of the year.

    • Historically customer usage decreases in September as many people are getting back into their regular routine after summer vacationing.
    • The water table also plays a major role in this decision. The water table is traditionally at the lowest level after a hot and dry summer. A lower water table allows for safer conditions when emptying the pool which will ensure less impact on the pool basins.
  • What is the effect on the water supply?
    • The draw on the water supply in September is not consequential in the bigger picture. The amount of water required to refill the pool is 950 cubic metres, which is 7.7% of a typical day’s water consumption in Squamish in August. The pools will be re-filled over four days, so the approximate impact per day is less than +2% on our water system.
  • When will the pool reopen?

    The fall pool schedule and swim lessons will resume on Sunday, October 6.