2022 Municipal Election Candidates

The nomination period closed Friday, September 9 at 4 p.m. 

View the Official Declaration of Candidates here

For more information on the election, contact election@squamish.ca or 604.892.5217

Up-to-date as of 4:24 p.m. September 9, 2022.

Mayoral Candidates (one to be elected)
Hurford, Armand

Armand Victor Hurford

Address: Squamish

Email: info@armandhurford.com

Website: armandhurford.com

Telephone: 604-849-2453

Nomination Papers

Lewis, Deanna - Kalkalilh

Deanna Lewis -  Kalkalilh

Address: Squamish

Telephone: 604.849.1469

Email: kalkalilh@gmail.com

Instagram: Deelew10

Facebook: Deanna Lewis

Nomination Papers

Young, Mike

Mike Young 

Address: Squamish

Telephone: 604.815.3939

Email: mikeyoung@squamishfirst.ca

Website: squamishfirst.ca


Councillor Candidates (six to be elected)
Addison, Gord

Gord Addison

Address: Squamish, BC

Telephone: 604.815.9390

Email: gordaddison@gmail.com

Website: gordaddison.ca


Andersen, Eric

Eric Andersen

Address: 38316 Vista Crescent

Telephone: 604.892.4848

Email: se_andersen@telus.net

Instagram: eric.andersen.squamish

Facebook: EricAndersenforSquamish

Nomination papers

Byrne, Adrien

Adrien Byrne

Address: Squamish

Email: adrienforsquamish@gmail.com

Website: Squamishfirst.ca

Instagram: @adrienforsquamish

Facebook: squamishfirst/adrienforsquamish


French, John

John French

Address:  58 – 40632 Government Road

Telephone: 604-815-7318

Email: johnsqfrench@gmail.com

Website: www.johnfrench.ca

Instagram: @John French

Twitter: @johnsqfrench

Facebook: John French

Nomination papers

Greenlaw, Lauren

Lauren Greenlaw

Address: Squamish

Email: squamishgreenlaw@gmail.com

Website: squamishgreenlaw.ca

Instagram: SquamishGreenlaw

Twitter: SquamishGreenlaw

Facebook: Squamish Greenlaw


Hamilton, Andrew

Andrew Hamilton

Address: PO Box 2429, Garibaldi Highlands

Telephone: 778-266-1455

Email: andrew@andrewforsquamish.ca

Website: andrewforsquamish.ca

Nomination Papers

Hans, Rajan

Rajan Hans

Address: Squamish

Telephone: 604.813.7413

Email: rajan7hans@gmail.com


Pettingill, Chris

Chris Pettingill

Address: Squamish

Email: Chris@chrisforsquamish.ca

Nomination papers

Stoner, Jenna

Jenna Stoner

Address: Squamish

Email:  jennaforsquamish@gmail.com

Telephone: 604.339.5896

Website: jennastoner.com

Instagram: jenna.stoner.for.Squamish

Nomination papers

Walsh, Christina

Christina Walsh

Address: Squamish

Telephone: 604-999-0335

Email: heymrswalsh@gmail.com

Website: christinawalsh.ca

Instagram: @christinaforsquamish

Facebook: Christina Walsh

Nomination Papers

School Trustee Candidates (two to be elected)
Lowe, April

April Lowe

Address: PO Box 32, Squamish

Telephone: 604-848-4446

Email: aprilfortrustee@gmail.com

Nomination papers

Turpin, Lisa

Lisa Turpin

Telephone: 604.910.5437

Email: lisaturpin@icloud.com

Nomination Papers