Third Party Sponsors

Definition of Third Party Sponsors

Campaign organizers are no longer defined as election participants. The Local Elections Campaign Financing Act (LECFA), which is an act focused on campaign finance rules, now includes third party sponsors as participants in local elections.  The Act defines third party sponsors as individuals or organizations that do election advertising independently of a candidate or elector organization. Third party advertising includes advertising for or against a candidate or elector organization and advertising on an issue with which a candidate or elector organization is associated. 

Campaign organizers who advertise on behalf of candidates and elector organizations will now have to advertise independently as third party sponsors. Before advertising, they must register as third party sponsors with Elections BC and comply with the third party sponsor rules in LECFA.  Sponsorship contributions and information about sponsored third party advertising must be recorded and disclosed by third party sponsors. Third party sponsors are required to file a disclosure statement with Elections BC within 90 days following general voting day.

Specific information about third party advertising is available online at and can be found in the following guides: