Attend or Speak at a Council Session

Attending a Council meeting

All Council and Committee meetings are open the public except during closed (in camera) portions.  The maximum seating capacity of Council Chamber is 27, as authorized by the Fire Department. The lobby area can accommodate up to 60 people with no more than 30 seated.

Appearing Before Council

Anyone wishing to be placed on an Agenda to address Council or a Committee may apply by delivering a written request (Application to Appear before Council) to the Manager of Legislative Services before 12:00 p.m. on the Tuesday preceding the week of the meeting (seven days in advance of the meeting). Applications to Appear Before Council are available at Municipal Hall and on the District website. “Delegations" are contacted after the Agenda is finalized to confirm if the request has been scheduled or referred to Staff, a Committee, or a future Meeting. The Procedure Bylaw permits up to five minutes per presentation.

"Delegation" is the term used to define the procedure of formally appearing before Council. This may include making a presentation, entering a request for action, updating Council on a project, idea or concept, or providing further information on an issue currently before Council for a decision.

Download Application to Appear

Unscheduled Public Attendance

Unscheduled public attendance will only be permitted on an issue that has arisen since the Agenda closed and must, in Council’s opinion, be dealt with prior to the next regularly scheduled meeting. The Mayor will call, at the beginning of the Unscheduled Public Attendance portion of the meeting, for persons wishing to be recognized and must receive Council’s assent prior to the item being assigned a time allotment at the meeting.

Download Application to Appear