Public Hearing

When: December 08 - 06:00pm

Where: Held electronically.

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Amend Zoning Bylaw definitions within the Business Park

To amend definitions within the Zoning Bylaw related to permitted uses within the Business Park.

To amend general regulations related to cannabis production and alcoholic beverage manufacturing.

To rezone four parcels from Used Goods Industrial (I-4) and Business Park Industrial (I-11) to General Industrial (I-3) Zone, as shown on the Location Map A below, and to establish a minimum lot area for accessory storage and shipping and prohibit high impact industrial uses on the same parcels.

To amend zoning for portions of land zoned Specialized Industrial Business (I-8), Specialized Business Service Centre (I-9) and Business Park Industrial (I-11) to establish an Expanded Commercial Activities Area, as shown on the Location Map B below.

To add the following permitted uses to the Expanded Commercial Activities Area: fitness centre, accessory restaurant and accessory expanded retail sales and to establish regulations pertaining to these uses.

To add accessory restaurant as a permitted use to two established alcoholic beverage manufacturers within the Business Park. (PID 019-161-611 and 030-362-741)

To establish a maximum floor area for tasting room use for an established alcoholic beverage manufacture that reflects the existing use (PID: 014-663-368).

To prohibit accessory offices within the Business Park Industrial (I-11) from having a separate direct at-grade entrance.

To establish parking regulations regarding commercial patios used by accessory restaurants.

District of Squamish Zoning Bylaw 2200, 2011 Amendment Bylaw (Business Park Zoning) No. 2767, 2020


Land within the Squamish Business Park zoned General Industrial (I-3), Used Goods Industrial (I-4), Specialized Industrial Business (I-8), Specialized Business Service Centre (I-9) and Business Park Industrial (I-11), Squamish, BC
In addition, land where the following uses are permitted: alcoholic beverage manufacturing, fitness centre, trade contractor facilities, accessory restaurant and commercial patio.

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People who believe that their interest in property is affected by the proposed Bylaw will have an opportunity to be heard and to present written submissions at the Public Hearing on December 8, 2020 being held at 6 p.m.

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