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Public Information Meeting

When: June 14 - 06:30pm

Where: Council Chamber, Municipal Hall - 37955 Second Avenue

What's Proposed: Reconsideration of a Temporary Use Permit for a cannabis dispensary.

The District of Squamish received a Temporary Use Permit (TUP) application for a Cannabis Dispensary,TUP No. 50, which was originally issued in July 2016. Due to errors in the original notification process, the District is reprocessing the TUP application. The original TUP has been rescinded and is now being reconsidered.

The property is zoned I-1 (Light Industrial). The proposed Cannabis Dispensary is considered a Retail Sales use, which is not permitted as a primary use in the I-1 Zone. If approved, the TUP would allow the use for a period of up to 3 years (from the date of the original TUP issuance in July 2016).

 PIM 37768 06192018 web

The District is hosting a Public Information Meeting to discuss the application. Both District Staff and the applicant will be present to explain the details of the application, receive input from members of the community, and respond to questions.

All public input will be considered by the District in review of the TUP application.

Written submissions can be addressed to the General Manager of Development Services and can be received up until the day the General Manager considers the application, which will occur sometime after July 1, 2018.

If you are unable to attend the Public Information Meeting we invite you to please forward any input you may have to the District of Squamish Planning Department at planning@squamish.ca or 604.815.5002.