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‘Drop, Cover and Hold On’ October 18 at 10:18 a.m.

B.C.’s largest earthquake drill is set to return on Thursday, October 18 when Squamish joins residents across the province to ‘Drop, Cover and Hold On’ at precisely 10:18 a.m. Read More

District of Squamish celebrates Small Business Week

The District of Squamish is joining small businesses and entrepreneurs across the country in celebrating Small Business Week from October 15 to 19 with resources and events to support small... Read More

Here's a look at the Curbside Tune-up results and materials that should not go in your recycling tote

More than 2,600 recycling and organics totes were inspected over four separate weeks during the Curbside Tune-Up visual inspections throughout Squamish neighbourhoods. Read More

Hop on board and get to the polls for free

The District of Squamish and BC Transit are making it easier for voters to get to the Brennan Park Recreation Centre polling station on election day by offering free service... Read More

District of Squamish selected for CPWA National Public Works Week Award

The District of Squamish has received an award from the Canadian Public Works Association (CPWA) as part of the organization’s 2018 National Public Works Week (NPWW) Awards Contest. Read More

Advance Voting begins October 10; Campaigning and signage within 100 metres of voting place prohibited

Advance Voting begins this week at The 55 Activity Centre and Brennan Park Recreation Centre. The Local Government Act prohibits campaigning, which includes signage, within 100 metres of a voting... Read More

District launches survey to seek community input on Short-Term Rentals

The District of Squamish has launched a community survey and corresponding background information to obtain input on citizens’ perspectives and priorities as the District considers and develops regulations for short-term... Read More

New Squamish Hiring and Retention Guide aims to help Squamish employers attract and retain local talent

The District of Squamish Economic Development Office has launched a new resource to provide an overview of the Squamish workforce and provide practical tools to help local businesses find and... Read More

Impacts to Highway 99 and Corridor Trail due to Waterfront Landing Infrastructure Works

Upcoming work in relation to the Waterfront Landing Development (WFL) will impact northbound Highway 99 and the Corridor Trail north of Clarke Drive. Read More

Thanksgiving Day Holiday Hours

Municipal Hall Read More

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