Bear attractant oak trees to be removed from Discovery Trail

Ten oak trees are being removed from a section of the Discovery Trail behind the skate park (near the high school) to alleviate conflict with bears in the area. This is the same area that was closed last week due to a mother bear and her cubs feeding on the acorns.

This particular area has been a source of concern for the Conservation Officer Service previously, due to the number of bear conflicts in this area.

The trail is also designated as a Safe Route to School for the three schools in close proximity, therefore is given top priority for management of attractants that might contribute to human-wildlife conflict.

Bear attractant vegetation management is a priority initiative on DOS property, supported by the District’s Bear Conflict Management Plan. The District will be addressing attractants along designated Safe Routes to Schools in particular, and weighing a variety of considerations and trade-offs when deciding to remove or “manage” a tree.

September 14, 2018

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